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Bamboo, specially the dried ones, are regularly burnt as fuel or used to ignite the fire in rural areas of India. But Vaastu is very much against it. As bamboo is one of the main components of rural houses, it is regarded as a sacred item. You may have noticed that bamboo is never used for burning in religious fires like Havan or funeral pyres.It is said that burning of bamboo brings downfall and loss of lineage. We will discuss what Vaastu says about this.


Lord Krishna's favourite musical instrument is flute which is made of bamboo. A theory is that bamboo is not to be burnt because of this.

Bamboo is considered as a very auspicious building material and Mandaps (Stage) for weddings, sacred thread ceremony, Mundan (Upnayan), etc are made of bamboo. So It is not considered auspicious to burn bamboo. It is believed that ghosts and spirits do not come near bamboo plants.


Bamboo contains lead and other heavy metals like chromium, arsenic, cadmium, copper, nickel. Burning of bamboo produces Lead Oxide and other toxic oxides in gaseous form which are harmful if inhaled. So bamboo should not be burnt.

According to Feng Shui, the bamboo plant is good for health and longevity. The Chinese do not advocate burning of bamboo. It brings bad luck.


The Swastika is a powerful religious symbol which radiates positive energy and can counter negative energy. The Copper Swastika is an auspicious religious symbol of Prosperity, Progress, Success, Positivity, Good Luck & Fortune & Wellness of Home, Office, Factories, Shops, Industries.

Combination of Copper Pyramid with Copper "Swastik" or "Swastika" gives more benefits, power than normal plastic swastik pyramids.

The Swastika is drawn on entrances or place of worship, offices & worshipped in India. It is also installed during the beginning of any new work,

It can be placed above the main door to attract positive energy. It can remove Vaastu defect. The Swastik pyramid can be installed at defective areas. Generally, Swastikas are installed at the entrance of home, office, factory, shop, Industries.

It can be installed in costly electronic equipments for smooth and better functioning of daily use gadgets like Printers, Computers, Laptops, Computer or Office Desk, Machinery in factories & Industries to give better performance and output and prevent from frequent breakdown.

The Swastika is also installed on the kitchen wall behind gas stove to cure Vaastu Defects in the kitchen. It can also be kept inside the cash box to generate wealth.

Copper Swastik Pyramid is used as a Vaastu Remedy for correcting Vaastu Defects or Vaastu Problems in the Home, Office, Factories, Shops, Industries. It can dispel negative energy.

Generally, 3, 9, 27, 81, or multiples of three copper swastik pyramids are used for best results.


Residential Vaastu defect for South West

Lead Metal Helix is one of the best remedies for South West corner defects like:

  1. Missing South West corner (corner cut)
  2. Toilet at South West corner leads to serious illness, money troubles
  3. The kitchen at South West corner leads to sickness to a female member
  4. Children room in south-west makes them more dominant
  5. Electricity in south-west causes fire accidents
  6. Lower flooring or slope towards the south-west causes business losses
  7. The door at south-west harms owner of the house physically
  8. Bore-well or Underground water tank at south-west causes short life
  9. Extension towards the south-west becomes a reason for unwanted expenses

Commercial or Industrial Vaastu defects:-

  1. Transformer or electric panel at south-west causes accidents.
  2. Open space at south-west causes lower products or low productivity.
  3. The door at the south-west makes business unstable.
  4. Toilet block at south-west harms relationship with employees, workers & customers.
  5. Higher flooring level at north-east restricts business growth.
  6. Septic tank or underground water tank at south-west.
  7. Scrap area in south-west harms the reputation of the business.


Place lead metal Helix at the south-west corner or its nearest.

Install 3 or 9 or in multiple based on the area of the location or as per the Vastu expert advice.VASTU COPPER PYRAMID DOME (IMAGE)

Use of pyramid is a practical art to harmonize mind, body, and spirit with the environment. By just placing copper pyramid at appropriate locations, you can achieve health, happiness, and prosperity.

Uses of the copper pyramid:

Vaastu & Pyramid experts all over the world have found the copper pyramid more effective and result oriented. Use of copper in the pyramid enhances its power and gives good results. Since yantras are found more effective with the copper, the pyramid made with copper gives better results.

  1. A copper pyramid can be placed in the temple on top of a pot of water to energize the water element of Vaastu of the Northeast corner
  2. You can place it in four corners or ceiling of your house or business place to balance the Vaastu.
  3. In case of any Vaastu defect, place it in the Northeast corner of your house or in the prayer room.
  4. A student can place the copper pyramid on their study table to get a good academic result.
  5. In case of industries, place the copper pyramid on all the important machines. This will help in reducing the maintenance cost of machinery. Production will also improve.
  6. In the case of the farmhouse, resort etc., the copper pyramid can be installed in all 8 direction with 1 in the centre.
  7. At the workplace keep it on the working table & you will find yourself more confident and energetic.


  1. My house is situated on a hillside and the Southeast portion is lower than the Northeast. What can be done?

Arun Kalita, Jyotinagar, Guwahati

Ans: You have to counter the negative effects of Southeast and strengthen the Northeast. Install a "Shukra" yantra at Southeast and fix a Convex "Pa Kua" mirror facing the slope. Augment your Northeast by installing Guru Yantra along with a Sriyantra and the Ketu Yantra.

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