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The restro-cafe culture is slowly picking up in Guwahati and a number of cafes have sprung up all over the city within a very short span of time. This is indeed a welcome development as the concept of good cafés, where youngsters can meet each other or hang around with their friends, was sorely lacking in the city. The huge number of eateries and cafes in the city can be gauged from the simple fact that almost 30 eateries are located in a span on a little more than one kilometre on the Rajgarh Link Road. In any case, we don't see any reason to complain as long as foodies of the city are acquainted with new dishes and delicacies.

One of the latest entrants in the café segment of Guwahati is CafeGram. The cafe is located in the 1st Floor of Kusum Plaza, Rajgarh Link Road 1, Near Wildcraft Showroom, Guwahati commerce college, Guwahati. Although launched just a few months back, the cafe has managed to gather a dedicated clientele of its own. While many are of the opinion that Guwahati city is overcrowded with cafes, CafeGram has managed to impress its customers with consistently good quality food at affordable rates.

A small cafe as far as carpet area is concerned, CafeGram is conveniently located in a place frequented by youngsters. Once you locate the place, it is a world of its own, perfect for one to relax and unwind over a cup of coffee or meal or chit-chat with friends and dear ones.

The first thing that strikes one as he or she enters the place is the interiors. While the entire cafe is small in size, it is artistically decorated and creates a surreal environment for dining out. The layout of the interiors is nice and simple and one gets a very positive feeling right from the moment he or she enters. The management has tried to give a Bohemian feel and style to the entire café, and judging from the response of the crowd, it has met with a good response. The lights and chairs are all placed in an artistic manner and one can immediately guess that the designer has a fine taste in art.

So while the cozy and beautifully decorated interiors lift one's mood right from the moment he or she enters, the courteous behaviour of the staff and the wonderful quality of the food makes dining here a pleasant experience.

Coming to the food, this is the kind of food that has become popular in the city only in recent times. While the menu is very similar to those one finds in a cafe nowadays, it is still a very nicely selected menu, offering a limited yet delicious range of food items.

The cafe serves almost all the conventional cuisines like Chinese and fast food, which has always been highly popular in the city. However, the USP of the restaurant would be their signature dishes i.e. Noodles, Thukpa, Tai Chi Chicken, Burgers, Pasta, Brownie and Cafe Americano.

Giving her opinion about the cafe, a customer Monami Bhuyan said, "This is a new cafe in town, located at a very convenient location, and is definitely attracting the millennial crowd. The place isn't awfully crowded during lunch time (at least that's what I am experienced in my last two visits), so you can go out there and relax with a cup of coffee and some food. Now coming to the food, it is prepared hot and fresh. However, I felt that it is s overpriced for the quantity that they serve. Also they could really expedite the service time. I had to wait at least for half an hour for my food to arrive. Although, I was a little disappointed about the price, the food did taste good. Well, it was nothing extraordinary, but it was homely, piping hot and flavorful- exactly the kind of food you'd want in a winter afternoon for lunch. I had Tai Chi chicken and Mexican rice with chicken. The Tai chi chicken was just cliched deep fried chicken lathered in sweet and spicy sauce with Chinese flavours. It was a little too salty for me, however, it was perfectly spicy. The Mexican rice however, was a delight. The portion was just enough for me and the rice and the chicken gravy went perfectly with a sunny side up. This is one dish I would definitely recommend at CafeGram. Overall, it's a nice little cafe with a limited but cohesive menu. However, I would be even more appreciative if they reconsidered the prices and take care of the service time. Cheers!

Another customer opined in Zomato, "This is one of the newest cafes in the city, located in the Rajgarh link road. It's a small, cosy place....nice place to have some food and chit-chat with your friends. They do have a smoking zone separately...which is a relief for the non-smokers. They also have a PS4 console...which you can enjoy if you are upto video games. The food is moderately priced and potions are adequate. I loved the tai chi chicken... nice well marinated chicken strips... deep fried and tossed in some spicy sauce. The Thupka is yummy too, one bowl is enough for two persons if you are not super hungry. Overall, the food quality is quite good. And the best thing about the place was a very good quality service. I would definitely like to visit this place again.

While the place is definitely not spacious, most of the customers who returned found the food to be quite delicious and well served. The pricing is also reasonable and is one of the reasons which make it popular amongst the younger lot. A meal for two will roughly cost you around INR 350 which is very reasonable.

Giving her opinion about the food, a foodie Pragya says, "CafeGram is a cute, cozy cafe with the apt decor. There is less space and when there are too many people, it gets really congested. It is advisable not to go with a huge group. Apart from that, it's a perfect place to spend a good me-time or with your loved ones. It also has a smoking zone which is nice. You can also play PS4 if you want to! Coming to the service, the service is really good! The bearers are very responsive and always on their toes. Coming to the food, we ordered Caramel Castle Pancake, Cafe Latte, Masala Maggi with add-on Garlic Bread and Veg Combo meal. Coming to the Caramel Castle Pancake, trust me, if you're looking for pancakes in the city, I would advise you to visit this place as they have some of the best pancakes in the city. It's absolutely Delicious. The Veg Combo (Biryani and Paneer Butter Masala and Coke) was really tasty but I just found the quantity of Biryani less than it should have been.

So next time you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy some fast food over a meeting with your friends, do give CafeGram a try.

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