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  |  23 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT


Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

Most of us are not aware about it but cosmic energy is the driving force in our lives. The bio-energy keeps us going for all our physical as well as mental and spiritual activities. The entire universe is comprised of energy. We are vibrating along with its energy field.

However, this energy gets blocked because of some external forces which can hinder our growth, prosperity and happiness. The energy can get stagnated too. So it is necessary to remove the energy blocks and induce fresh energy instead of stagnant energy.

The Energy of each individual is different and they tend to vibrate at their own pace. Negative thoughts and negative deeds produce negative energy which may affect us. We must identify these energies and get rid of the negativity or negative energy. Hence, a regular energy cleansing ritual is required from time to time, depending on the graveness. Some methods are being discussed here:

1.The Smudging ceremony: This is one of the oldest practised method to clear the home of any negative energies. It can take away any residual energy left because of some negative people visiting your house or stress brought from work. You can use a white Sage along with lavender and Rose. The smudging ceremony is a custom of Native American and other indigenous cultures. For centuries, many cultures have used smudging as a way to create a cleansing smoke bath that is used to purify the body, aura, energy, ceremonial/ritual space or any other space and personal articles.

2. The White lotus is a symbol of peace and serenity. Place a white lotus in a clear bowl of water with an intention to clear the surroundings of all the heaviness in the air. This is useful when the atmosphere around you becomes heavy with negative energy and it becomes stressful. Very soon, the air will thin down. You can place white lotus after the smudging ceremony for better results.

3. Self-Declaration: When the surroundings become heavier with negative energy, simply declare yourself out loud. Say it out loud what you feel about the heaviness in your home and declare aloud it. Do self-affirmation that the place is no longer heavy with negative energy. It will instantly clear the atmosphere and make you feel at ease in your house.

4. Dancing: Dancing like nobody's business help release the endorphins which creates positive hormones secretion in your body. This positive energy form cleans the space. Often it is seen that people feel happy after dancing - whether it is silly or good! The movement of limbs and the body dispel negative energy and generates positive energy waves. Dancing is universally accepted as a form of joyful activity.

5. Crystal Energy Clearing: Crystals are very popular with Pranic Healers and other healers for cleansing and induction of fresh energy. Crystals are very intelligent stones that have a life of their own and can immensely help in getting rid of the stagnant negative energy. Crystals have a strong healing power and have the capacity to trap and transform the negative energies. But one has to energise and cleanse the crystals of residual energies from time to time.

6. Meditation: Various meditations are prescribed by different experts which help in cleansing the atmosphere and heal.Meditation is one of the most sought after practice to clear your homes of the negative energies. While meditating you can connect with your higher self, your spirit guides or your angels to help you cleanse your home of the negative energies. If you have been a regular practitioner, you can also visualise white light clearing every part of the home of negative energies. Visualisation process is used by advanced pranic healers to cleanse rooms or places before and after holding any event.

7. Incense: Burning of sandalwood or dried sage can disintegrate the negative energy. Burning Guggal (a resin) is also very effective. The smoke from the incense should be circulated counter-clockwise because this movement releases the negative energy like that of a wheel. Practitioners of alternate medicine rotate the energycenters or Chakras in a counter-clockwise manner to cleanse them.

8. Yawning: Yawning is a process which helps us bring more oxygen into the blood and move more carbon dioxide out of the blood. It is a strong sign of our body releasing all the stagnant negative energies. Regular breathing exercises, like 'Anapanasati' or yogic practice of mindfulness of breathing, have shown effective results in clearing the negativity.

9. Chanting of Mantras: Mantras have such high and positive vibrations like "aum" and a host of others. Different sounds have different effects on us and the surroundings. Chanting of Mantras can remove the negativity out of your house. Mantras should be chanted regularly as their effect may not last long. There is a special technique of Pranic Healing using Mantras.

10. Laughter Therapy: This has become very popular of late and lot of Laughter clubs are coming up. Laughter generates positive energy which affects everyone in and around. Initially, you might feel weird laughing silly, but as you let yourself feel it, it will become a genuine laugh later. Laughter is an excellent way of relieving pain and stress. It has been found to be so effective that some of the Cancer treatment centers of USA are adopting the laughter therapy to treat their patients. The Yogic term for this is called Hasyayoga

11. Himalyan Salt Lamp: Himalayan crystal Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. By using a Himalayan crystal salt lamp, the negatively charged ions in the air can be replaced which helps us to avoid the alleged physical and mental harm created by the negative energy. Himalayan Salt Lamps have proven very effective in clearing the negative energies. These should be placed in the area where one spends most of the time at home or office like the bedroom or office table.

12. Law of Karma: The negative energies can take its toll and make one's thought and deeds negative too. In a heavy atmosphere, instead of giving in to the negative emotions, just do the opposite of what you feel. Be kind if you feel angry, laugh more if you feel sad. It is not easy and rather tough but if we can do it, the situation can improve dramatically for the better.

13. Spending time with close ones: A lot of stress can be released by spending time with near and dear ones.One gets the divine cosmic power from the source and the stagnant energy around ceases to exist.

14. Spa Therapy: An aromatic bath can wash away negative energy. Aroma therapy is known to be a proven success. Similarly, a steam bath also removes negative energy just like the dirt from the pores of the skin.

15. Music Therapy: Music has a very positive effect - both on our brain and the surroundings. A soothing music can relax us as the negativity around us thins down slowly. Nowadays,therapy is officially used on patients to help them relax and relieve them of their stresses which in turn heals the psychosomatic problems. People, irrespective of their age, can benefit physically and mentally by listening to or by singing and playing musical instruments.

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