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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  9 May 2019 9:50 AM GMT

Vaastu is all about the energy of a place and its effects on us. It can be positive or negative. A wrong kind of energy may harm us physically leading to many ailments. We will discuss some probable ailments arising due to Vaastu defects.

  1. If you have a toilet or septic tank, kitchen, heavy construction or a big tree in the Northeast zone, the eldest son of the family is likely to suffer from various health issues. He may also suffer from TB or cancer.
  2. Vastu defect in the Southeast zone could lead to people suffering from kidney diseases. Defective southeast combined with a toilet at north might inflict cancer.
  3. The energy of the South affects the female members. Womenfolk may suffer from various diseases if there is a basement, water tank, main door or low height construction in the South zone.
  4. Vastu defect in the Northwest zone can lead to various infectious diseases and illnesses during the change of season for the family members of a house.
  5. If there is some Vaastu defect in the Southwest zone of the house, the owner may be prone to heart attack. Similarly, if the Northeast and Southwest zones have Vaastu defects together, it may lead to paralytic attacks or brain hemorrhage. The children of the house may also fall sick and pregnant ladies may have miscarriage.
  6. Never sleep with the head to the North because this may lead to digestion issues and headache, mental sickness, uneasiness and even heart problems.
  7. People sleeping in the North-West zone may be prone to mental illness rather than physical sickness. If the Vastu for these individual’s room is not corrected on time, they will end up being dependant on medicines, become short-tempered and experience stressful situations.


We make several Vaastu mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. It will help us immensely if we know these Do’s and Don’ts of vaastu.

According to Vaastu, nothing should be kept over the safe or almirah where money or jewellery is kept. It is also forbidden to keep legal documents or papers related to court matters along with the cash or valuables.

The same rule applies in case of cash boxes of shops too. Never keep anything over the cashbox/drawer.

The sound of the conch shell has very powerful property to dispel negative energy. Whenever you feel that there is presence of negative energy in the house, sound the sankha (Conch shell). If a Sankha is not available, a simple bell should be rung.

Even science has agreed that the Tulsi plant has cleansing properties. Hindus have been worshipping this plant for ages. It is very auspicious to light an earthen lamp near the Basil (Tulsi) plant daily. This will remove negative energies.

A very common mistake is to keep footwear or unused items or bags under the bed. This should be avoided as this blocks the path of goddess Lakshmi.

DO NOT wear torn or dirty shoes while going for an auspicious occasion like a job interview, marriage negotiation or tender work. There will be hindrance if done so.

Lot of people perform puja with the deities kept inside a wooden box. DO NOT keep anything on top of this box. In fact, if a room for ouja has been designated, ensure that nothing is kept over this room be it a terrace or another room.

A word of caution: Hanuman Jayanti was celebrated last week. Lots of people are devotees of Lord Hanuman and visit Hanuman Mandir on Tuesday. Red is the favourite color of Hanuman. So red clothes, flowers, sweets or sindoor should be offered. DO NOT worship lord Hanuman wearing white or black clothes. Red or yellow clothes should be worn.


The stomach is the centre of our body. The centre of our house affects the centre of our body. It is important to keep the centre of the house empty, neat and clean. A lot of stomach problems happen because of the centre of house having a boring, generator, inverter, staircase, toilet, etc. You can make a passage or keep a dining table in the centre but no heavy object should be kept there.

The Southeast direction affects the health of the females and children of the house. Southwest affects the health of elders. Both should not have a slope, underground tent, drainage system, cracks, etc. The Northeast should not have a dustbin, toilet, godown, etc. It should be always kept clean. The kitchen of the house should not have medicines. Keeping medicines there would call more health problems. Always sleep with head towards South or East. Southwest portion should be ideally provided to elderly people or main owner of house in order to keep them in good health.


The turmeric (Haldi) is an inseparable item in Indian Kitchens. Barring certain grains, sweets and select dishes, the haldi is used in almost all food preparations. It has a lot of medicinal properties. As it is yellow in colour, it is associated with Lord Brihaspati or Guru. It is also a favourite item of Goddess Lakshmi. The turmeric is available in several colours and all of them have different vaastu-astro properties. The yellow turmeric is used to appese Guru or Brihaspati. The black turmeric is used for Lord Shani or Saturn. It is not used for eating.

The black turmeric is kept with nag Kesar in a silver box, after applying red vermillion on it and then it is kept in the locker to increase wealth. You need to chant the Swaha mantra continuously while doing this ritual. Apply the kali haldi paste in the middle of your eyebrows to improve your health and increase your wealth.

To become successful in life, put 11 Gomati Chakra shell, black turmeric and 11 paddy pieces in a silver box and keep it in your room. This way you will get blessings from Lord Vishnu and stay protected from evil spirits and negative energies. You can make a paste of black turmeric, saffron and Ganga jal, and draw swastika with this paste on the main door of your business place. The orange turmeric is used to please Mars or Mangala. Haldi is mixed in water and offered to the sun God to get rid of all problems related to marriage.

It is advised to donate turmeric for any kind of stomach problems.

Wearing a mala (chain) made with turmeric beads makes one smart and intelligent.

A turmeric tilak (bidi) on the forehead increases the power of eloquence. In South India, most of the politicians wear turmeric Tilaks on the forehead.


For joint families and for commercial purpose, it becomes important to divide a house. Due to lack of place/space, security wise, some residents plan to apportioning or dividing the house into two parts.

For example if the residents of a East facing property have to apportion the room towards Southeast only, they have to make the main door towards the Northeast for that room so that the main house has a Northeast entrance. If the partitioned room is planned towards Northeast of the entire house then the main house has a Southeast entrance. This leads to ill health and financial losses and after sometime, the entire property will be out of their control. So residents have to be very careful when partitioning the house.

The toilet and kitchen can also become problematic when a house is divided into two parts. The kitchen at Southeast of the house can fall in the Northeast part of the portion at South thereby causing a blockage. For a house divided into two parts i.e. northern and southern, the toilets of the northern block will fall at the northern part of the portion at South. So in such cases, the toilets might need to be reconstructed.


  1. The staircase of our house is at the Northeast. It is not possible to demolish the same. What can be done?

R Sarma, Via email

Ans: You have to take several measures to counter the negative effects.

  1. Use vaastu pyramids
  2. Go for Sriyantra, Guru yantra and the Ketu Yantra.
  3. Construct a heavier structure at the Southwest.
  4. Keep Black tulsi plant in a pot at the start of the staircase and at the landing

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