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EPIC MOMOS | 1 Oct, 2018

EPIC MOMOS | 1 Oct, 2018

Sentinel Digital Desk

The puja season is just around the corner and we are sure that most of our readers must be thinking about the new eateries to explore during this festive season. Well, this year, Guwahatians will be left spoilt for choice as a number of eateries have mushroomed all over the city, giving the citizens an opportunity to taste the best in eclectic global cuisines. The food and beverage industry of Guwahati is presently on an upward trend with the rise of a number of bistros and cafes which have ushered in the café culture to the city – a culture which till the recent past was widespread in the hilly town of Shillong. Compared to the situation, say just 3-4 years back, the entire F&B industry has witnessed a dramatic turnaround with the best of global bistros, eateries and food chains setting up ship in the gateway city of Northeast India. Not surprisingly, the youths and foodies of the region have taken full advantage of this new trend and are quite busy exploring their taste buds to new and foreign favours.

When it comes to momos and fast food items, most people swear by the products offered by MomoGhar, which has evolved its own brand of Assamese styled momos that the people of the city just love. Momos have truly evolved as a dish over the year to become one of Assam's most preferred and loved snack items.

Undoubtedly, the foodscape of Guwahati city is getting more and more interesting with each passing day with the opening of new food outlets.The latest buzzword amongst the youth of the city is an outlet which was set up with the promiseof serving an assortment of momos that are both delicious and unique. Epic Momos, a venture started by two energetic entrepreneurs, serves some totally new, funky and delicious momos– the likes of whichGuwahatians had never got the chance to taste before.

This place takes the average city-goers love for the momos to an altogether different level. From chocolate momos to the quintessential momos, the expert chefs of this cozy new eatery rustled up your most loved momos in your most preferred flavours! They also serve momos as desserts – a concept which is very new for the food lovers of Guwahati city. They currently have two such items in the menu – Chocolate Momos and Nutty Crusty Cinnamon momos.

Epic Momos is located at the heart of the city, just opposite Pantaloons at Downtown, G.S Road. According to the management, Epic Momos promises to follow a franchise model of quick service and delicious bites. The menu has some enviable delicacies such as Chilly Chicken Momos, Chicken Cheese Momos and Schezwan Pork Momos.

And if you thought that it was all to the menu, you better think once again. They also serve some rather unique fries such as PeriPeri Masala Fries, Barbeque Chicken Fries and Cheese Fries.These fries are sure to rustle up even the most dormant of taste buds!

Vegetarians or those who prefer their momos without meat also need not feel left out as the menu also has delicious vegetarianmomos such as Cheese Corn Momos and Chilly Paneer momos. So next time you want to take your vegetarian friend get a taste of the quintessential momos of the city, you know where you should be headed.

Moving onto the decor, the outlet although limited in space has a very refreshing and welcoming design. A major highlight of the interiors is the roof which is decorated with uniquely lit Japanese Umbrellas. The beautiful colours of the umbrellas and the radiance of the lights lends a surreal ambience to the entire place, making it a cozy and homely destination to sit and enjoy your favourite plate of momos. Overall, it's a warm, cozy and welcoming space, serving some of the best momos in town.

After the interiors, the presentation of the food items is also very good and you feel all the more hungry once your orders arrive. They are also planning to start home deliveries shortly so people can have delicious momos served at their home or office.

Overall, if you're a food-a-holic, Epic Momos should rank right at the top of the list of most promising fast food joints in the city. It's bound to satisfy your taste buds and make you fall in love with momos all over again.

In case you plan a visit, the must try items in the menu include the Barbeque Chicken fries, Butter Chicken Roll, Chilly Chicken Momos and Chocolate Momos. We hope you enjoy their momos as much as we did!

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