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  |  12 Sep 2019 8:55 AM GMT

It is desirable that the shape of a plot be square or rectangular. But in practice it is not always so. Most of the plots are extended or reduced (i.e. having a cut). The energy of the plot gets affected if there is an extension or cut.

  1. If there is an extension on the Southeast of a plot, the owner will experience many difficulties and suffer from poverty.
  2. If there is a projection on the Southeast along with the East, there may be no progeny as this creates a cut in the Northeast which affects luck and prosperity.
  3. If there is an extension only on the Southeast corner there may be a monetary benefit, but extra expenses will be there, besides diseases and litigation.
  4. If there is a projection on the Southeast clubbed with the South, there will be family feuds, diseases, mental worry, restlessness and loss of wealth.
  5. If the space on the Southeast is reduced, there will be prosperity of riches, boldness, luxuries, long life, respect and royal honour. Notice that there will be extension of the Northeast because of this.
  6. If there is a big extension on the Southwest, the owner of the plot will suffer most often from diseases, troubles created by enemies and loss of wealth.
  7. If the Southwest along with the South has a projection, the owner will suffer from diseases, fear of life and may have premature death.
  8. If the Southwest has a projection only in that corner, there will be fear of enemies, loans, litigation, criminal tendencies.
  9. If the Southwest has an extension along with the West, there will be a heavy loss of wealth. Moreover, the owner will spend a lot of money for bad company and deeds. He will be addicted to vices and be arrogant and spend a lot of money due to stupidity.
  10. If the ground on the Southwest is reduced, the owner will have honour, riches, social respect, happiness, luxuries, health and able progeny.
  11. If the Northwest is more extended, there will be calamities, losses, a lot of expenditure, melancholy, restlessness, poverty and loss of sons.
  12. If the Northwest is projected along with the West, the owner will suffer from indecisiveness, anger, humiliation, a lot of worries, loss of wealth and sons.
  13. If the Northwest corner has an extension, there will be loss of wealth, agricultural produce and cattle, increase in the number of enemies, worry from enemies and lack of happiness.
  14. If the Northwest extension is together with the North, there will be poverty, lack of happiness, loss of progeny, humiliation, restlessness and melancholy.
  15. If the portion of the plot on the Northwest is reduced, the owner will enjoy all sorts of happiness, viz, riches, luxuries, development of clan, long life, respect and royal honour. Again note that this reduction has created a Northeast extension which is very good.
  16. If the plot at the Northeast has projection, there will be development of progeny, clan, luxuries and riches. The more the extension towards the Northeast, the more increase in wealth, riches and family. The inhabitants of the plot which has extension towards the Northeast will enjoy a lot of luxury. They become very wealthy and fortunate.
  17. If the extension at the Northeast is clubbed with the North, there will be more riches, a large income and development in movable and immovable property.
  18. Those who live on the plot which has its Northeast along with the North accumulate wealth but become stingy.
  19. If the Northeast corner of the plot is projected, the inhabitants become fortunate. They get movable and immovable property. They will be respected and become popular in society.
  20. If the Northeast along with East has a projection, the owner becomes famous. His lineage, clan and riches will increase.
  21. If the plot is reduced on the Northeast, the owner will suffer from loss of progeny and wealth.
  22. When the plots are reduced in the Southeast and Southwest, they will cause family feuds, fear of fire and loss of family name.
  23. If the Southeast is reduced and the Southwest is projected, those who live there will be prone to commit bad deeds and they will suffer from poverty.
  24. If the Southwest is reduced and the Southeast is extended on a plot, there will be diseases, fear of fire and feuds.
  25. If a plot is extended at both Southwest and Northwest, it will cause prolonged diseases, enmity, troubles created by loans, and sickness, etc.
  26. If the Southwest is reduced, but the Northwest is projected, the owner will suffer from prolonged illness of his wife, enmity, mental worry and unhappiness.
  27. If the plot is reduced at Northwest and extended at the Southwest, it will make the inhabitants prone to heinous crimes and suffer from prolonged diseases, fear of life and loss of wealth.
  28. If both the Northwest and northeast are extended, there will be mixed results. The inhabitants of such place, in spite of having riches, will suffer from prolonged illness.
  29. If the Northwest is reduced and the Northeast is extended, such plot will bring all sorts of luxuries, riches and able progeny.
  30. If the Northeast of the plot is reduced and the Northwest is extended, there will be increase in the number of enemies, loss of wealth and progeny.
  31. If both the Northeast and Southeast are extended, there will be income as well as expenses! As a result, the residents will suffer from burden of loans and poverty.
  32. When Southeast is reduced and the Northeast is extended such a plot will bring good health, wealth, progeny and luxuries.
  33. When the Northeast has a reduction (cut) and the Southeast is extended, it will inflict mental worries, loss of wealth and fear of life besides bringing diseases.


  1. I have seen that wine shops are always very crowded having heavy sales irrespective of their Vaastu! Even South or West-facing liquor shops have roaring sales. What do you say about that?
  2. Malakar,

R.G. Baruah Road

Ans: I knew this question was going to come to me! There is a meme on this which is floating around in the social media.

Let us look into this from different angles. Have the consumers benefited from having the stuff from these shops? Have you bothered to delve into the life and happiness of the owner of these shops? As par medical science, there is no known benefit of consuming alcohol.

Lastly, not all wine shops are having ‘roaring’ sales. If you closely have a look in the area where you are residing, only two or three out of fifteen odd liquor shops are doing well in that 500 metre radius.


  1. Cooking is an excellent way of increasing patience. It takes great patience to prepare good food.
  2. Reading books and gardening are also some good habits to improve your patience.
  3. One should visit new places, especially nature.


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