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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  15 Jan 2019 7:45 AM GMT


The Tulsi (Basil) plant should not be kept at the South. Care should be taken so that the plant does not touch the house. It is a sacred plant and its sanctity must be preserved.

The Tulsi plant gives indication of impending danger. If the plant dries up or withers immaturely, one must be prepared for bad times ahead. The Tulsi leaves change their colour whenever some trouble is on the way. Mercury affects the greenness of the leaves indicating good or bad effects on us. When the going is good, the Tulsi leaves will remain bright green.


The Tulsi plant has positive effects on children. Plant it in the East if you want your children to be obedient. Feed them three leaves daily in any form. DO NOT pluck the leaves on Tuesdays and Sundays. If the business is not doing well, keep a Tulsi plant at the West. Worship it every Friday with raw milk and sweets with devotion.

If there are fights and disagreements among family members, keep a Tulsi plant in a pot near the kitchen. You will see a miraculous change.

If there is a Vaastu defect in the house, install a Shaligram in the house with the Tulsi plant. Worship it with Panchamrit (five divine sweets).

Marriageable girls should worship the Tulsi plant and water it daily by rotating around it for five times to ensure early marriage. Tulsi is believed to be a goddess who is a worshipper of Lord Vishnu.

If the staircase is positioned wrongly in the anti clockwise direction, keep a black Tulsi plant near the staircase and the landing.


The northern Northeast area is where the head of the Vaastu Purush lies. The left side of the neck is controlled in this area. The necessary vital energy of our body comes from this direction. The vaastu Purush also controls the Kundalini. It is like a snake according to our ancient scriptures which is responsible for the vitality in life. It is placed at the 6th zone of the northern Vaastu grid.

The Vaastu Purush also falls on the 7th zone of northern northeast which is called Aditi. She is the mother of Lord Indra. This deity provides us peace, protection, energy and ability to do work. The left ear is controlled by Aditi. Deficiency in this zone will result in lack of direction, restlessness and cowardice. Persons with negative Vaastu in this area will always require others’ help and advice.

The Northeast is also responsible for general health. A kitchen, store, toilet, heavy items, electrical items or overhead water tank, septic tank at Northeast will affect the inmates of the house adversely. A kitchen at Northeast is especially bad for the lady of the house in terms of respiratory, cough or cold-related problems. But sick people will tend to get better at the Northeast with proper Vaastu. Medicines are advised to be stored at the Northeast. Since the Northeast is the area for the water element, red, pink, purple and maroon colours are forbidden here. If these colours are used at the Northeast, the lady of the house may suffer from problems in the left ear and neck.


  1. A blue bulb at Northeast will yield good results.
  2. Sick persons can sleep in the room at Northeast for recuperating.
  3. If the kitchen is in this zone by mistake, a yellow slab under the stove should be used.
  4. Medicines should be stored at the Northeast.
  5. No other store should be made at the northeast except for medicines.
  6. If there is a defect at the 6th zone of the Vaastu grid, keep black salt on both sides of the main door on a Wednesday and throw them in running water in the evening. It can also be kept under a tree or fed to cattle.
  7. If there is a defect at the 7th zone of the Vaastu grid i.e. Aditi, keep sweets made in desi ghee on both sides of the main door on Thursdays and throw them in running water in the evening. It can also be kept under a tree or fed to cattle.
  8. Never construct a staircase or toilet in this area.


The North is the direction of Lord Kuber, the keeper of wealth. He also brings peace and happiness in life. The North is also ruled by the water element and lucky colours in this zone are blue and black. So red, pink, maroon or purple colours should be avoided at the North as they belong to the fire element. Otherwise, there will be problems in growth in business and chances for success and progress. If some member is having problems finding a job, then yellow items from the North should also be removed.

While ascertaining the directions, the magnetic compass should be used from the centre of the house/plot. The 4th and 5th parts of the Vaastu Grid at North are controlled by Bhallata and Som. They control the left shoulder and the left arm. Vaastu defects in these zones will result in problems in these parts of the body.


  1. Mirrors are very auspicious at the North.
  2. Paint the northern wall with light blue colour. This will bring wealth.
  3. Cash should be kept at the North.
  4. The cashier at business should sit facing the North.
  5. A money plant is lucky at the North.
  6. A statue or picture of Lord Kuber at the North will bring good results.
  7. To reap benefits from the door at the 4th part, keep some golden items on both sides of the door on a Wednesday and donate them in the evening.
  8. The 5th part at the North brings opportunities. To make it more beneficial, keep goat milk on both sides of the door on a Wednesday and throw it in running water in the evening or keep it under a tree.


  1. My house faces the West. I have kept more vacant area on the front side at the West and just 5 feet are left towards the East and North. Since the Municipality water supply is very erratic, I want to dig a well. I cannot fit it at the North or the East. Can I dig it at the South and go for some remedy?

A Dutta, Japorigog

Ans: I cannot advise you to do so and go for a remedy! If it was already there, remedial measures like pyramid or yantras could have been suggested. Talk to your engineer or mistry. Five feet should be a good-enough width to bore a well at the East. You can go for hand boring also. The extra cost for doing so will be worth it.

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