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Holi is the Indian festival of colours and is also a commemoration about victory of good over evil as bonfire is lit the night before to signify the burning of demoness Holika. On this day friends and family arrive all through the day to give colors, good wishes and share sweets. Sometimes, all sorts of people from the neighborhood land up and you cannot avoid. Here are some simple Vaastu tips. These will keep your home safe and give good vibes to the family members and people that arrive to celebrate the festival of colors with you.

  1. Holi started with Radha and Krishna celebrating. Holi, the festival of colors is incomplete without the worship of dance and song around Radha and Krishna. Many people keep the idols of both gods in the front yard at a table with a colorful background and make the first offerings of colors and sweets to them before applying colors on each other. Prayers are offered to them before beginning your Holi celebrations to have an auspicious beginning of the festival.


  2. The name of the owner should be imprinted prominently on the entrance gate or door. This strengthens ownership of the property and helps trace positivity and good luck back to the house. The entrance should be neatly kept and decorated with flowers.
  3. It is an essential custom of Holi celebrations involve serving guests with cold milk (thandai) mixed with dry fruits and sweets. According to Vaastu experts, such an offering must first be made to Ganesh, the lord of prosperity before serving it to guests. The picture of Lord Ganesh is placed in the
    living room
    with trays of flavored milk and sweets. People pick them up and offer to each other while greeting each other and also seek blessings to ensure that festivities end well.
  4. The color pink is regarded as the most soothing and suitable for heart and mind. So this colour is extensively used in furnishings and sofas. People prefer to play Holi outdoors so that everyone can enjoy throwing colors on each other without worrying about dirtying the house, floor and furniture.
  5. According to Vaastu, shoes should not be left in front of the doorway as they drive away good fortune. To maintain a clutter free entrance door during Holi when there are plenty of guests walking in and out of the house install large shoe racks to ensure that outside footwear is keep away. The space just inside and outside the entrance door should always be open and free of clutter like shoes, umbrellas and other objects.
  6. It is very auspicious to have a pool of water in front of the house at northeast, east or north. If you do not have one, consider making a small one.
  7. Use bright solid colors of red, orange and yellow to make rangoli of flowers and auspicious symbols on the ground or on raised platform close to the main door so that people do not step on them. This brings happiness and prosperity into the house and also serves as welcoming factor for guests during festival season.
  8. It is very auspicious to have the picture of the rising sun by placing it in the east direction of your house in a prominent place. This is also ideal according to Vastu as it helps in establishment for healthy social relations. Holi is the best time because people can notice this.
  9. It is generally very windy during the time of Holi. Hanging wind chimes can augment your fortunes by its soothing sound.
  10. The main Entrance should have a festive look with flowers and colourful plants rather than being kept empty with just the shoe mat and shoe rack.

A TIP: DO NOT keep any item for a very long time which has been brought for Puja or purpose of Donation.

Some Valuable Vastu Tips

A longer north-south (in length) is always better because this length has more cosmic power which is able to with stand any Vaastu fault.

The center of the house is the Brahmasthan and should be kept free of any load. Use white marble flooring in this area. Crystal, water and silver add positivity to this zone.

It is necessary to shift a plant or a tree if it is in the wrong direction or is creating an obstruction in the entrance. Cut long branches of trees that cast shadows on the building.

Vaastu is complimentary for opposite directions. If the northeast is defective, there will be Vaastu defects at southwest also. Similarly, faults in the North may create negativity in the South and faults in the North-West may create negativity in the South-East. Hence improving the qualities of one zone indirectly brings positivity to its corresponding zone.

Northeast, north and should be kept lighter. A basement in the South-East, South, South-West and West gives severe negative results.

Terrace and extension in the south leads to premature death of father.

Terrace and balcony in South-East or a cut in South-East or a bore well or well in the South-East all lead to loss of progeny and discontinuity of family line.

An extended North-West leads to theft or excessive expenditure.

Wrought iron beds or using wrought iron furniture should not be used .Wood is the best material to make beds and other furniture because it is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. Wrought iron is a good conductor of electricity and disturbs the energy flow in the room.

Vaastu recommends the use of Mirrors and glass for rectification of defects. They represent the theories of reflection and refraction. Glass is used to facilitate entrance of external light. Mirrors are used to extend particular zones. Mirrors should be placed only on Northern and Eastern walls and never on Southern or Western walls.


Ques: I have a plot in a commercial area that has an extension towards the Southwest. The land is very expensive in my area and the extended portion cannot be sold as it is not very big. Please suggest remedies.

Pawan Gupta, via sms.

Ans: You can go for all these remedies as the extension is not very big.

  1. Bury Vaastu pyramids along the extended border to cut off the portion.
  2. Fix two swastikas facing each other on the extended border.
  3. Install a Rahu Yantra at southwest on a Saturday.

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