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The beginning of the year is an excellent time to focus on new beginnings and opportunities. Keep your home as clean as possible. Get rid of any kind of garbage, rubbish, extra material which is of no use. Keep your mind positive and don't allow negative thoughts to enter your mind.

  1. Orange, yellow, pink, red or golden are lucky colours. Don't wear white or blue colour clothes because they might not be lucky.
  2. Make sure to cook a sweet dish on New Year. Serve the sweet dish to the God you worship and serve the same as prasada to all your family members.
  3. Planting a tree on New Year is considered very lucky. If any plant starts dying, make sure to plant a new one immediately.
  4. The first day of the year is very important. Wake up early, open the windows of the North and East side, allow fresh positive energy to enter the house and control your anger and maintain peace.
  5. Note down your resolution and paste it on your work table or on the East wall in your room. Decide a timeline to achieve your goal and make sure to stay focused.
  6. Celebrate the New Year in a simple way. Don't waste time in gambling, lottery, smoking, drinking or any other kind of addictions. If any family member is addicted to any such habit, check for vaastu doshas in the West direction and South West zone. Rectify them immediately, if any. The East direction should be open and clean as well.
  7. The main door is considered the face of the Vaastu, windows the eyes and centre is considered the stomach. Hence the main door should always be grand and attractive. Draw/fix swastika signs on both the sides of the main door. Never keep any material in the window and no heavy material in the centre of the house. This would make the New Year a good one.
  8. The earth and the sun gods should be worshipped and a prayer must be offered in the New Year for blessings. Consider the water you drink and the food you eat as the prasada. Always worship and respect the nature and love everything you have and own at home. This helps in removing the negative effects of vaastu doshas at home.
  9. The New Year calendar should always be fixed on the eastern wall. Never fix this on the western wall or else you may have to face obstacles every now and then.
  10. If you are planning to buy a new car in the coming year, pay attention to the North direction and South East direction of the home. You can keep a little fountain, aquarium or a bowl full of water and flowers in this direction. The energy in the Southeast direction can also be increased by placing a photograph of trees, flowers or an actual potted plant in this direction.
  11. Make sure to have peace, coordination and love among the family members in the year. Place photographs of family elders in the East of the house. This will increase respect and love. If you have to place your entire family photograph, place it in the western direction of the house.
  12. Placing a fish aquarium or a metal turtle in the North of the home will help you achieve success in studies, career, business, etc. Keep the windows in the Northern direction open as much as possible to let in positive energy.

(IMAGE of Turtle)

  1. Red wallpapers, photographs of tall buildings and towers in the drawing room will increase success and fame.


(IMAGE of Metal Bell)

  1. Ring a seven-metal bell. Stand in the center of a room, your home, or workspace. Completely clear your mind of all thoughts. Ring a seven-metal bell until you feel your entire space is one or infused with the sound. End the ceremony by lighting sandalwood incense throughout your home.
  2. Put away sharp instruments and weapons like scissors, knives, razor blades out of sight. These items can quickly shred a person's luck into many pieces and are considered very unlucky.
  3. Pay off bills and debts as you would not like to drag your debts to another year. If you cannot pay off your bills and debts completely, make a payment to each one as a symbol of positive action.
  4. Buy a red wallet. A new wallet symbolizes being ready to accept new wealth, and colors in the red brings prosperity to you. Enter the New Year with a new red or burgundy leather wallet and it will help attract wealth and prosperity for you. Keep some high denomination notes in the wallet which will attract even more wealth.
  5. Buy yourself to a pair of new red shoes as a symbol that you are ready to step ahead in the New Year and dispel any frustrations in the upcoming year.
  6. Gold represents abundance and wealth, so buy yourself a new piece of gold jewellery to signify growth and accumulation of wealth. It's best to buy a newly-created piece rather than consignment or resale jewellery. Do not buy old stuff worn by someone else as it may carry negative energy of the former owner.
  7. A watch is always moving forward, so buying a new one symbolizes bringing positive, active energy into your life. It's better to buy your own watch than to receive it as a gift, however. So if someone wants to treat you to a new watch suggest that you will choose out your own while they will make the payment.
  8. Clutter bogs you down and disrupts the flow of energy. Clear everything out that you don't need. Clean out your closets, make room under your bed. Let the energy flow through your home.
  9. Bring some plants with round leaves to your home. This is another good way to enhance your wealth area, according to Feng Shui guidelines. If the plants have red or purple flowers that is even better.
  10. Keep the toilet seat always covered. You don't want to flush your money down the toilet. Remember to keep your drains plugged in your bathroom sinks and tubs as well and keep your plumbing in good working order.

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