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  |  15 Oct 2018 7:55 AM GMT

There are nine forms of Goddess Durga which are associated with the nine planets. So to appease these nine planets, these forms of Goddess Durga are worshipped in the month of Aswin for nine days starting from the first day of the ascending moon.This Navaratri puja also signifies the submission to the various forms of women power which are prevalent since the creation of the universe.

The Goddess Durga moves on the lion and she has eight different weapons on her eight hands. So she is known as ashtabhuja. She symbolises the divine forces or Shakti to combat the evil and negative forces.She provides safeguard to her devotees from all evils.

According to VaastuShastra, worshipping Goddess Durga’s nine forms during Navaratri pleases the nine planets. As a result, Vaastu defects of the different directions ruled by the nine planets are rectified.

The nine forms of Goddess Durga are Shilaputri, Brahmahcarini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayini, Kaalratri, Mahagauri and Sidhhantri. She is also known as Gauri and Parvati. On the eighth or ninth day of Navaratri, Kanya or Kumari Puja is done by worshipping a young girl who is yet to attain puberty.

The Northeast is the best direction to perform the Navaratri puja. The ceremonial Kalash (Earthen pot) is placed here with a coconut and mango leaves on top. However, puja can be done facing different directions ruled by the specific form of Goddess Durga on that day. Separate colours of clothes are recommended on these days while offering puja.


A lot of people have a notion that the West is not an auspicious direction. In fact, all directions can be double-edged i.e. all directions have one good side and also a bad side. It depends how we make or mar it through proper or improper use of VaastuShaastra.


  1. Elevation in the West direction is positive. This enhances the strength and reputation of the male members of family.
  2. Location of the bed room of the elder son, storage, toilet, dining hall, staircase and septic tank in the West is considered ideal.
  3. Placing of garbage bin at an elevation in the West is recommended.
  4. Location of the toilet in the West direction is beneficial.
  5. It is beneficial to have an overhead tank at a height in the West.
  6. A door in the West towards the West of North-West is beneficial.
  7. A staircase in the West direction is positive.
  8. Construction of a floor along the western wall will ensure prosperity and happiness.
  9. An office in the West direction is good as a second option.
  10. It is beneficial to have the garage and spot for vehicle parking in the West direction.
  11. It is ideal to locate the septic tank in the West direction.
  12. The dining hall in the West direction is beneficial.
  13. A staircase at an elevated level in the West over the house is considered to be auspicious.
  14. Construction of the house at a lower level than the street in the West direction is harmful.
  15. Letting of space on rent in the Western direction is not beneficial.
  16. While sharing or dividing a plot, always keep the West portion and give the portion in the Eastern side.
  17. While dividing a property, the elder brother should retain the Western portion while the younger one should possess the Eastern portion.
  18. A slope in the West will help the females who ultimately become the owners of the property. It is not true for the males.


  1. A vacant space in the West is harmful.
  2. Location of a well or pond in the West may result in untimely death.
  3. The outlet of septic tank or waste water in the West will result in mild negative effects.
  4. Having a Western entrance facing the South-West invites many troubles.
  5. A Western entrance facing North-West can cause major illnesses.
  6. A verandah in the West direction can cause many problems.
  7. It is harmful if there is an electric motor or meter placed in the West.
  8. It is harmful if the roof of the house slopes towards the West.
  9. Location of a T Junction, pit, water, well in front of the West entrance is extremely harmful.
  10. If the West direction in Vastu is lower than North-West direction, there may be too many hindrances.
  11. A kitchen in the West leads to wastage of wealth.
  12. It is not good to have the staircase in the West at a level lower than the house.
  13. Construction at a level higher than the road in the West is not auspicious.


  1. We have purchased a wall-mounted flat TV which we want to install on the wall next to the door at the Northeast of our bedroom. Is it the right place?

Asha Hazarika,

Ulubari, Guwahati

Ans: The bedroom is not the right place to keep the TV. But if you must do so, keep it covered when not in use. DO NOT place it at the Northeast. Keep it on the South-Eeastern wall. You may also place it on the North-Western wall.

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