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It is a scientifically proven fact that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. It is also responsible for certain mental faculties like logical and scientific reasoning, mathematical ability, etc. Scientists have come to this conclusion that certain activities like solving mathematical problems, puzzles, playing Chess or Bridge, producing music, etc stimulate the brain and prevent dementia and the ageing process to a great extent.

Vaastu is of great help for studies. There are various tools in Vaastu and Feng Shui which can help increase the level of concentration. Certain Vaastu and Feng Shui secrets can really help obtain better marks or grades in school. Here are some of them.

  1. The Northeast direction has immense positive vibrations. So try and place your study in this direction. The element for this direction is Earth. So you may use things like crystal globes or even use crystal balls to enhance your luck. It is believed that the crystal globe should be rotated at least once a day. A world map can also be hung in this direction.

  1. The crystal Pagoda is extremely helpful in improving the ability to deal with subjects like Mathematics or Statistics and Physics or Accountancy which require a good deal of mathematical analysis. The crystal pagoda should be placed at the Northeast. It is particularly effective for this purpose. The wooden type is also called the education Tower.


  1. The fire element ignites the fuse of the brain! Lamps are a great option because this is a fire element. You may place lamps and lights of soothing shades at the Southeast to enhance concentration.

  1. The Chinese believe that the carp (A type of fish) is very industrious and never gets tired of swimming. The Carp is an excellent tool for students having an interest in arts. The carp is a very scared animal, and is considered auspicious in Feng Shui as a valuable item for the home. It is a symbol of hard work and perseverance. It should be placed at the North by those who are looking for an off-beat career.

  1. Gems are associated with the Earth element and the Amethyst Gem Tree is excellent for those who are about to take important career decisions and are confused. It can also be placed on the work desk. It will spread a fresh sense of clarity and will clear all confusions. It helps you think logically and clearly allowing him or her to take the right decisions.

  1. Shades of violet and light green should be used in the study room to improve the concentration of the student.

  1. Yogic techniques like breathing exercises and meditation have been found to improve the mental ability of the children.



  1. Feng Shui has a lot of products, symbols and methods which benefit us in many ways. One such item is the Wu Lou. This is specifically used for improving health of the family members in the house.

  1. This Wu lou is also known as Hu Lu at various places and is a symbol of bottle gourd which is connected with longevity and good health. It is a symbol which is connected with heath and if placed with firm affirmation that the family members will benefit out of it, it will definitely show results. It is also known as calabash and is an important tool used in enhancing the effects of Feng Shui.

  1. According to legend, the Taoist monks used gourd to trap evil spirits and to prevent them from causing any harm. So the Wu Lou has been used to absorb bad Chi or bad energy from the surroundings.

  1. The shape of Wu Lou plays a very vital role in its image which is connected with longevity. It symbolizes earth and heaven unified. The upper portion of the gourd symbolizes heaven, while the lower portion is earth. This kind of fusion is a symbol of harmony between earth, heaven and mankind.

  1. This is considered as the best gift for someone who has recently delivered a baby. It is good both of the baby and as well as for the mother.

  1. The Wu Lou should be placed in the centre of the house as this area is associated with the health of people. So it is best to place it somewhere in the centre.

  1. The Wu Lou also has positive effects on health. If a friend of yours is not keeping well, then you can gift her or him with this present as it can benefit that person.

  1. Caution must be taken not to allow the Wu Lou to gather dust layers on top of this which will negate its beneficial properties.


Place a Wu Lou next to your bed or hang one over it. This is believed to lessen your chances of sickness or health issues. It is lucky to carry the Wu Lou with you as a charm or in your purse or briefcase.

Place a Wu Lou on a stand or dresser next to the bed of someone suffering from an illness or disease as this is believed to help speed their recovery.

Place a Wu Lou on your desk or in your office. This will prevent negative energy from affecting your career luck.

The Wu Lou can be given to an elder in your life as a gift. This will signify your wishes and blessings for their health and longevity.

Keeping a Wu Lou in your vehicle is believed to help prevent accidents.

If you experience on-going bad luck, place a Wu Lou where you spend the most of your time (i.e. office or home). This will help absorb the negative energy that is causing your bad luck.

You can place as many Wu Lou as you want around your house or property to absorb negative energy.

The Wu Lou should be kept in the designated health corner of the Ba Gua for health benefits. According to Feng Shui Ba Gua map, place a Wu Lou in the East sector of your main family or living room. This is the "universal health luck corner" which will help the entire family.


The Hindus observe the Fridays as the day of the Goddess of Wealth i.e. Lakshmi. She is worshiped in many ways so that her blessings can bring the riches. These are recorded as Vaastu rules as that is what one must do for a happy and peaceful living.

  1. Goddess Lakshmi must be worshiped on Friday. Her statue or picture should be kept on a red cloth and lamp with cow ghee should be lit. Red/pink roses should be offered along with it.

  1. Halwa made from ghee is offered. After the puja is over, this is consumed and distributed among the poor.

  1. It is believed that offering silver coins to goddess Lakshmi begets money. Worshiping the Mahalaxmi Yantra or the Sriyantra brings excellent results.

  1. Those looking for a job should donate red cloth on Fridays.

  1. One should meditate on a Friday night and offer 108 Lotus flowers mentally to Goddess Lakshmi. This will take care of loans and financial troubles.

  1. Maa Lakshmi stays with Lord Vishnu. So Vishnu should be worshiped too so that Lakshmi does not leave. Money does not stay for long in one's hand because Goddess Lakshmi is known to be fickle minded and unstable! If one succeeds in keeping Lord Vishnu happy, she is bound to stay too!

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