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  |  16 May 2019 12:18 PM GMT

It has been almost proven that some houses are lucky while some are not. But is it purely on luck? Actually, it is the Vaastu of the house that decides the future of the residents to a great extent. The directions of the house are ruled by different deities and planets which cast different effects. There may be tension, diseases, quarrels, debts and unnecessary expenses due to defective Vaastu.


When there are sudden quarrels among family members and frequent disagreements, the Vaastu of the house has to be checked. The Southeast direction may be responsible for this. There should not be any water body at the Southeast. In the case of apartments, the presence of water taps or overhead water tanks at the Southeast will cause Vaastu defects as it is predominantly the direction of the fire element. The kitchen is best instead of bedrooms. Electrical items are recommended at the Southeast to activate the fire element.

How to remove defects at southeast? Light an earthen lamp with ghee at the Southeast. Perform Navagraha Havan at the Southeast corner. A red lamp/bulb should be lit at the Southeast corner. The Agni Yantra should be installed.


When the expenses of the household are more than the income, there is bound to be financial imbalance. It is also an indication that there are Vaastu defects in the house. The North direction controls finances in the form of Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi. Install a Kuber Yantra at the North on a Wednesday. The Sriyantra should also be kept to please Goddess Lakshmi. Green (mango) leaves should be hung over the main door. Good books should be kept in the house.


The Southwest direction is responsible for the health of the members of the house. If this direction is lower than the northeast direction, there is bound to be bad health for the owner and the other members especially the spouse and the eldest child.

DO NOT leave this area vacant. Underground water bodies are forbidden at the Southwest. If there is an overhead water tank, keep it clean.

CHILDREN: The East direction has bearings over children. Defects in the East and location of the bedroom at the Northeast make it difficult to have children. There should not be toilets or any structure blocking air and sunlight at the East and the Northeast. The sun God is the ruler of the East. Worship the sun god and install a Surya Yantra.

Draw the “Om” sign or a Tilak with sindoor and ghee.


The Northeast direction controls our brain and the nervous system. Defects in this direction may cause manic depression. On the other hand, an exalted Northeast gives name and fame, knowledge and speed. The Guru or Brihaspati controls the Northeast. Lord Vishnu rules this direction. People living in Northeast facing houses are endowed spiritually.

The main entrance at the Northeast must be kept clean. People living in north-eastern blocks should perform religious rituals regularly. The Guru Yantra along with the Ketu Yantra and the Sriyantra is recommended for defects at the Northeast.


The Gregorian calendar is universally accepted and used. Hindus refer to the New Year calendar starting from the 1st of Baisakh which starts from the middle of April. This is used mostly to check the dates of festivals and auspicious occasions like Full moon, Amavasya, or dates for wedding, etc.

Calendars come in different colors and with pictures. Colors and pictures play a very important role in Vaastu and the use of wrong color or a wrong picture can bring negative results. We must be careful in choosing the right place and direction for the calendar.

  1. Some calendars are so good that we keep them for decorative purpose. This is a wrong practice. Even if you don't get a New Year calendar, don't keep hanging your old calendar. It will confuse you with wrong information about dates besides bringing bad Vaastu energy. An old calendar can deplete you of all your energies and you can feel tired and worn out. The past should be left behind by moving forward.

  1. Remove your old calendar from your home immediately and hang a new one. This will bring in new energy and hope. Choose a calendar based on the amount of space you have.

  1. The South direction is ruled by Yama, the Lord of death. Clocks are forbidden at the South. The calendar also depicts time in the form of days. According to Vastu, any object of time should not be hung in the South. So the calendar should not be hung in the South direction of the house. According to Vaastu, the Calendar should be hung in the North, East or West direction of the house. This brings in positive energy.

  1. If you are using a calendar with pictures, make sure that it does not contain images of nudity, violence or animals in pain. These images spread negativity in the house and can leave a poor impression on the minds of young children.

  1. DO NOT hang a calendar on the door.


The threshold is provided on the door in the form of a sill. It is basically a stripe of stone or wood placed below the entrance of a house or even a room.

According to Vaastu, a threshold must be provided at the front door of every house to stop the loss of wealth from slipping away.

People all over the world regard the threshold of the door in a very special manner and perform many rituals at this place. In many European countries, it is considered bad luck to shake hands across the threshold of the door.

In Hindu weddings, a lot of rituals are performed at the threshold of the main entrance to welcome the newly married bride/couple. A common one is for the bride to kick a pot full of rice at the threshold of the door before entering a new house. The newly married bride is considered as Goddess Lakshmi by the Hindus.

It is also a custom in many foreign countries for the groom to carry the bride over the threshold of the main door. It is not good as per Vaastu to sit on the threshold of the door.


1. You have been advising to install Yantras to counter Vaastu defects. What are Yantras?

Paresh Kalita, Nalbari

Ans: The Yantra literally means an instrument or machine. It is a tool used in Vaastu to get positive energy which can also counter negative energy. It can be a geometrical design or a mystical diagram like a pyramid. The help of astrological knowledge is taken while using yantras. Different Yantras are used for different planets and deities. For example, for problems related to finances, the Kuber Yantra and the Sriyantra are recommended to get blessings from Lord Kuber and Goddess Lakshmi.

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