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Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 April 2019 11:07 AM GMT

  1. Is discipline important in raising children? My wife thinks we need to hit my son at times when he is naughty. But I feel that we need not hit him. We can explain things to him. Please guide us.

(Name withheld)

Ans: Discipline is definitely important in bringing up a child. But that does not mean we have to hit the child. Beating a child to help maintain positive behavior will cause long lasting emotional damage for the child. Discipline can be used to teach the child that some kinds of behaviour are acceptable and others are not. It is very important to set a few boundaries for our children so that they maintain positive behavior at home. This will also help them to learn how to behave in the school or other social settings.

  1. Please advise how I can get relief from mental stress. I am very disturbed because of high stress.

(Name withheld)

Ans: All of us go through some form of stress or the other. However, if it affects our daily life functioning, then we need to look into the sources of stress and also take measures to help deal with it. To begin with, do try and find out what is making you so stressed. Further, here are a few pointers that you could try out to help stay calm.

  • A few minutes of practice per day can help ease anxiety
  • Deep breathing - Take a 5 minute break and focus on your breathing
  • Engage in some form of physical exercise regularly
  • Be aware of your environment
  • Listening to music also helps to stay calm

  1. My 10 year old daughter wants a TV in her room. She is creating a lot of chaos at home because of this. My husband is considering to fulfill her demand. However, I don’t want to install a television set in her room. Kindly advice.

(Name withheld)

Ans: Most homes have the same problem. Children spend hours sitting in front of the television in most homes. This is one leading cause of the epidemic of obesity. Further, it leads to the child engaging in untimely snacking and may even lead to weight problems. At this age, social interaction and regular physical activity is of utmost importance. I would suggest that you please refrain from installing a TV in your child’s bedroom.

(Ms. Gariasi Dutta, MSW (TISS) is a Psychological Counsellor at down town hospital, Guwahati. She may be contacted at 98640-55560 or mail at

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