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Mind Over Matter | 16 May, 2019

Mind Over Matter | 16 May, 2019

Sentinel Digital Desk

  1. Madam, I will be giving my board exams this year and I will start my college life after then. I am having confusion in choosing my stream. Actually, I really don't like maths and science but I love writing poems and prose, etc. I want to take arts but my parents tell me that if I work hard I can do well in the science stream also. And my aim is to be a counselor. Madam, please suggest.

Ans: My suggestion would be to prioritize studies at this point in time. Prepare for your Board exams and give your best. With regards to your Stream selection, post the boards you can sit down and have a heart to heart discussion with your parents. If you are really serious about pursuing Arts, I am sure your parents would agree. End of the day, all parents want to see their wards happy. However, please don't waste your time being confused now. Concentrate on your Boards. All the best!

  1. Hello Madam, I am in the 8th standard. There is a boy who disturbs me. If I pass by he always passes bad comment. I feel scared to pass by them. It is affecting my studies a lot. I keep thinking about it all the time. I never reach my goal. How do I get rid of this? Please help.

Ans: What you state is a serious matter. This should not be taken lightly. Please inform your parents at the earliest. They will deal with it in an appropriate manner. Do not engage in any kind of quarrel with this boy. Let the elders deal with it. If possible for a while do not move around alone. Take care.

  1. Madam, I am in class 10 now and feel afraid of thinking about my board exam? So, Madam, can you suggest me some tips about how I can concentrate on my studies and how can I remember what I study?

Ans: Glad to know you are concerned and serious about your upcoming Board exams. Firstly do not panic. Relax and plan out your study schedule. This will help in optimum utilization of your time. Make sure you eat well and maintain regular sleep timings. Further, there are a few more tips that you could follow. This should help ensure that you are able to study well and also retain the same.

  • Prepare your entire Syllabus. Don't leave out any topics
  • Have a quiet study area at home away from distractions and noise
  • Do not by heart. Try and have an understanding of the concepts
  • Create a timeline for the study
  • Prepare brief notes which one could revise before examinations instead of the entire textbook
  • Take short breaks in between
  • At times group study too can help for difficult topics

(Ms. Gariasi Dutta, MSW (TISS) is a Psychological Counsellor at downtown hospital, Guwahati. She may be contacted at 98640-55560 or mail at

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