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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  16 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT


Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

Mirrors are a simple but very powerful tool in Vaastu. They have the capacity to rectify Vaastu defects. At the same time, mirrors can bring about Vaastu defect if placed wrongly! Lot of misfortunes, poverty and unhappiness is created due to the wrong use of mirrors.

POWER OF MIRRORS: Mirrors are considered to be a powerful tool because they can attract and repel positive energy but they also suck up all the negative energies. So a mirror, depending upon how and where it is used, can help in:

1. Doubling up the prosperity: If a mirror is placed in front of a cash locker then it represents doubling up of cash. This attracts positive energy and ensures that the financial condition becomes better.

2. Reflecting all the positive energies away: If a mirror is placed in front of the main door or entrance of a home then it will reflect away all the positive energies that is entering the house. So unless advised by an expert to reflect negative energy, a mirror should not be used in front of the main door.

3. Sucking up all the negative energies: If a concave mirror is placed in front of something negative, then it will suck up all the negative energy emanating from that thing i.e. a staircase or lift in front of the main door.


1.It is best to have square or rectangular mirrors.

2. Place them on northern or eastern walls only.

3. Mirrors should be fixed at least 4/5 above the ground level.

4. Having a dressing table by the side of the bed is good but it should not directly reflect the bed.

5. The screen of the TV acts as a mirror. So cover it when not in use.

6.Mirrors can be used to eliminate cuts in a corner. Fix two of them opposite each other in the corner from the floor.

7. A mirror opposite the dining table symbolises doubling of food and attracts wealth.

8. In a room where natural sunlight does not reach, a mirror can be used to reflect sunlight into the room.

9. Place a mirror in front of the cash box or locker to attract more wealth.

10.Mirrors in the bathroom ensures that the room is not in darkness.


1.Avoid round and oval mirrors.

2. Avoid transparent window panes made of glass.

3. Avoid a mirror near the study table of children. It makes them lose concentration

4. Do not fix two mirrors opposite each other. This will increase restless energy.

5. Avoid mirrors near a staircase.


June/July are the months of summer holidays for students. They relax from rigorous school/college routine and go for vacations or visit the houses of relatives, etc. But many of them also take extra coaching classes and other vocational or extra-curricular courses during this period. It is important for the students not to lose touch with books under any circumstances.

It has become a custom for the school authorities to give lot of homework and assignments during the vacations.This takes lot of time and the students have to be in touch with studies to complete the same. There are some students who procrastinate and keepthe homework pending till the eleventh hour! If the children are made to follow the Vaastu rules, their task becomes easier without much effort.

1. Keep the study room neat and clean. Remove old books, redundant notes, stationery, etc.

2. The study table should not be round or oval. It should be square or rectangular. There should not be any cut in the table.

3. The East is the direction of spiritual and intellectual energy. So face the East while studying. Positive energy also comes from the north. This direction is also good for studies.

4.There should be a solid support behind the back like a wall. A door or window behind the back will break the concentration of the student.

5. The study table should not be touching the wall. There should be a substantial gap between the table and the wall. An immediate wall in front blocks the flow of energy.


Q. I am sending a sketch of a flat. Can we take this flat as it is a roadside-facing property?

S. Sarma

Ans: If you notice carefully, this flat has a cut in the Southwest. Also the kitchen is located at Southwest. It is not advisable at all to buy this flat.

A TIP: Paint the north wall blue to attract money

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