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  |  30 Jun 2018 11:30 PM GMT


Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

Soothing music, sound of church bells or temples can relieve the mind from stress and tension. On the contrary, harsh words, rude language and lies attract negative energy. Negative way of speaking attracts bad luck. We end up shouting in rage at the smallest of mistakes which lands us in more trouble. Use of foul language during testing times has often resulted in further worsening of a situation and aggravating the matter.

Vaani dosha is the term used which means defects in speech. According to Shastras, Vaani dosha is a speech-related problem that is caused due to the affliction of planetary motions in your birth chart. It occurs when thoughts and speech lack coordination. It is also the inability to speak the right thing at the right time. In tense situations, our thoughts and speech lack coordination, which may end up causing differences in relationships with your spouse, family, friends, colleagues and even total strangers. It might happen at home or at a parties or even at market places or in public transport systems.


The planetary effects on the birth-chart may trigger Vani dosha.There are several factors which are responsible for Vani Dosha, like volatile behaviour of Rahu, Mercury, Sun, Mars and even Shani. Each of these planets are housed in the birth chart, and if they are placed with enemy planets or in the wrong house, then these may severe problems in an individual's life, for which their speech becomes erratic and irresponsible.


1. Negative effect of Mars and Ketu: People having ill effects of Mangal and Rahu become smooth liars and have inflated egoistic personalities. They ignite fighting between other people despite facing problems in their own lives. Due to their rough behaviour and speech, their marriage goes through troubled waters and they may face eviction or emotional separation from family. These people never show care or respect for God, elders, gurus or even religious places. They know that their way of talking is going to hurt others but they do not care for it and rather enjoy it.

2. Performing Rudra-Abhishek puja at least once a month would lessen the negative effect of Mars and Ketu: It is advisable to wear a solid silver ball tied through a chain or a white thread around the neck. Avoid eating Tamasic (non-vegetarian food) and spicy food.

3. Negative Effects of Mercury: People under negative effects of mercury would constantly live with a throat-related problem, which would hamper their speech and communication. They often hesitate and forget what they are about to say, and they are unable to express themselves quite often. Stammering is also a sign of Vani dosha caused by negative effects of Mercury. Such people have hoarseness in their voice and also suffer from thyroid related problems. Their way of speaking is hampered with criticism for others. Because of their rude speech and constantly lying, their family always faces a tough time.

4. Negative Effects of the Sun: The sun makes people responsible for their actions. A negative effect will affect their speech and way of communicating. They can never sit quietly when in a group and they will always end up making some comment about someone. Due to their foul words and rude language, they often face major losses in life. They have very few friends or people who like them. Even though they mean nothing bad, their speech means something else putting them in conflicting situation with family members.

Remedy: One must sit and meditate under the peepal tree, and chant 'rudra-sooktpaath', which would bring calmness in the mind and tongue.

5. Negative Effects of the Moon: These people face difficulty in conveying their thoughts and feelings, and always hesitate before speaking. They wait for someone to help them in the conversation or a topic. They often land up into trouble due to gossiping and talking behind others' back. When they talk, they tend to drift away from the main subject. This makes the conversation a bit dull and this often impacts their self-confidence. They are very casual liars, and use harsh words very conveniently. Their way of speaking often makes them lose important relationships.

Remedy: Worshipping Lord Ganesha daily before stepping out of home reduces the ill effects of the Moon. Also, worshipping Goddess Saraswati and offering them white flowers help in controlling their emotional outburst and harsh language. They must not eat frozen foods because they are devoid of vital energy required to overcome the negative effects of moon.


Q. Dear Sir, I have decided to purchase a three-bedroom apartment at Rehabari, Guwahati. It is located near the bus stop and it is quite close to the market. The main entrance is from the North. Since the kitchen is at the Southwest, I want your advice. I am enclosing the sketch of the flat.

Raghav Agarwal, Guwahati

(Sketch of the flat on left)

Ans: Almost nothing is right about this flat except the entrance from the North and a bedroom at Northwest which can be used for guests. The master bedroom is at Southeast and there is another bedroom at Northeast which are not good as per Vaastu. The toilets for these two bedrooms have been provided at East; another Vaastu deterrent. The kitchen at Southwest will make life miserable for the ladies.The puja area is provided touching a toilet which has to be shifted. The living area has occupied the brahmasthan or centre and the middle has to be kept empty.

This cannot be recommended by Vaastu. Since you always have a choice of not buying this one, please look for a different one. You may go through my earlier write ups in the melange to look for the salient Vaastu features required for purchasing a flat.

Q. I have constructed a small one-bedroom unit by extending my existing house towards the North for rental purpose. I had to provide the kitchen at Northeast as it cannot be accommodated anywhere else. What can be done?

B. Kalita,

Japorigog, Guwahati

Ans: In such a situation, make sure that the cooking platform is placed at the Southeast corner. Keep the wash basin at North and the drinking water at Northeast. You should also install a Sriyantra and Guru Yantra.

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