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Insomnia: Poetry

Insomnia: Poetry

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1) Insomnia

In the starry night of callousness,

I endure insomnia,

a bit different.

Uncertainty or vagueness of yearning.

At times bliss

At times gloom.


Yet endeavoring good times

I confronted earlier.

- Arindam Barooah



I am full of hesitation and puzzle,

Always restless,

Often insecure and nervous!

The noise of the soul...

Hence, my immature words;

With none to speak to,

Hastily taking notes,

Fearing they would abandon me too....

Birds with plucked out feathers!


Alike the lifeless chess pieces

Without your life-giving love,

Amazingly happy at all times

Alike a fool under the

Spell of an illusionary bond...

You and me!

-Swapnajyoti Bordoloi



Amid someone playing loud music

And others rushing to a bazaar nearby

To buy a slice of life anew;


Falling and yet,

Lovelorn seasonal leaves

Dropping to the joy

Of each shortening day

In the magical sky above,

Forgotten love stories

Of love and longing

With thoughts and words

All jumbled inside,

In the middle of all the questions

And answers on the calendar

Engulfing our mundane routine life...

Both the mindand the heart

Agrees for once

To have a drink together

To complete and begin at once

Another circle of living and dying

To be better tenants in the soul house...


Just alike the circles

In a piece of everlastingly tasty


The most favoured sweet food

Matching any occasion,

Round and round they go,

With here a knot

And there a knot…

Yet moving on,

Too drunk

To now pause or stop...!


Autumn kisses us all...

Reminding us to stay calm

Within for once

And let the transition take over...

Rites, festivals or

In our own heart-warming manner!!

- Swapnajyoti Bordoloi


Searching for Humanity

Alas! Humans have forgotten humanity,

But animals have never.

What a shame!

Love among humans has lost its natural flavour,

While the animals have always maintained

The balance of nature.

Why the humans have that bloody boundaries of States and nations?

Caste and complexion?

While the birds, wind and rivers

Have enjoyed that amazing freedom

Of travelling throughout the nations...


Truly, the animals and birds

Must be those lucky creatures

Not to be born as so-called humans,

The inhumane humans!

Oh Almighty,

Give the humans the sense

To show their humanity towards nature...

Now is the time

Before it is over!

- Kalyan Rabha

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