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Tree in July: Poetry

Tree in July: Poetry

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Tree in July

Easterine Kire

I love you green tree skyward branching seaward arching

Seaward, skyward when the sky is so blue you can hang a sheep-cloud on it

and it will never fall

My brother tree no umbilical lines between us

No strained strangeness of unknowing,

Just bark and deep trust standing tall like a ship's mast on an unlikely hill,

There, thus love you I my brother tree.


Easterine Kire

The moon is egg-shaped tonight

It's been that way from an hour ago

And a cloud

Like a hand with two eyes

Just turned into a giant feather

My neighbour's house

Is a perfect rectangle

He has three stars for a roof.

Another One


When hearts melt

And swim together

In the river soul;

I need no more my

Filthy words...

All else is

Fickle minded 'Phagun!'

The winds;

They fan the fire more...

Her thick rounds lips

Becoming the

Mad sensuous clouds again!

Smart love

Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

I simply

Kiss the lips of her

Image in my cellphone

And it is sunrise;

I silently take out

My smartphone

To kiss her eyes

Again in the evening,

And it's sunset

To be precise!

Love Song

Manas Ranjan Mahapatra

Call me

to be or not to be

is in your hands

if you ask me, I will say

I long moments

for your call

Be with me, and let us sail through

the wings of sun.


Is a single birth enough

for love?

and only one lip for centuries of thirst

or a single night for unending chain of dreams!

path never ends and I continue to walk.


The dreams I saw in this birth

did not come true

no matter, I will have

more and more dreams for the next birth.

Translated from Odia by the poet

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