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If the world didn't have borders: Poetry

If the world didnt have borders: Poetry

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If the world didn't have borders

Indrani Medhi

If the world didn't have borders...

there would have been no nations, no ideologies,

no political systems, no threat of 'invasion'

nor any hassles of 'immigration'.

But we are not lucky enough to witness that, are we?

We are born in a divided world,

a world of separate entities called nations and states.

If the world didn't have borders...

we would have been citizens

of a common world.

We regard each other as friends,

yet we are separated by some

superficial geographical boundaries.

National borders are nothing

but shadowy lines created by politics.

They are arbitrary and just a state of mind.

If the world didn't have borders...

We would have been as free as a bird.

It is upto us how much we can create

a world without borders and

promote unity, peace and brotherhood.

If the world didn't have borders...


Just once

Rinki Bordoloi

Sitting at the edge of the towering cliff,

I could hear the gentle splash of waves.

Slowly, the ebbing waves were taking away,

Taking away the tumult of water.

Away to those distant mount,

Far away from me.

And briskly the dead air was holding me tight.

Then, why could I still hear the noise around me,

Or is it the pandemonium of my wishes?

My wish to hear you once.

May be once for eternity.

Your silence was lethal

It was so brutal to slay me oft.

Still I was awake and alive amongst the noise

Noise of the morose serenity.

To just hear you once for a lifetime

Sitting at the edge of the towering cliff.


Snake river

Buddhadev Nandi

Lying in summer like the carcass

Of a huge python of brown color

Spotted with grassy green,

Ceases its gliding by

The dry, emaciated stream.

The cattle without fear

Graze on the bald bed of the river

Brimmed once with water

When it profusely flooded

Both the banks with terrible splatter.

The cart man who crosses

The wide sand bed at dusk

With a sweet tune humming

Will never dare to do so

When the flood water will be running.

People after a day's work

While away on the river bed

Gossiping in the evening

Perhaps being oblivious of

The River Snake raging.

Though appeared dead

There's a mild sensation

Still pervades in the form of invisible strand

Streaming in perennially

Under the heaps of golden sand.

The Snake River is hissing

And just waiting for the monsoon

In its morbid trance

To feed up itself with flood water

And carry through its vengeance.


Life stories

Swapnajyoti Bordoloi

"Thanks for mercilessly playing

With my life...

Thanks for silently

Mocking this moment

My helplessness

Before you...

Goodbye sweetheart...


But you cheated me,

And you cleverly

Made it look like

I betrayed you;

You think I'm a loser...right?

A big zero in whatever

I say today or try to do...

Think I had never

Loved you

Just because

Today I don't

Have any means

To prove it

Before you!


This is how

Most love stories begin...

Although time never

Pauses to listen

To them!

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