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Astrology and Vaastu have become a part of Indian societies since Vedic era. Only modern families of present times do not give much importance to these because faith and belief are required more than scientific reasoning. But these are different types of science and only results can testify the actions. The effects of Vaastu and astrology work on us all the time whether we believe or not.

For occasions like house building (beginning of construction to New entry/Griha Pravesh), social and religious rituals, agriculture, starting new ventures, naming of children etc., the perfect time and date are chosen. Astrologically it has been found that certain time is better for certain work because of the positions of Stars and planets and their cosmic forces acting on individuals. Some works or ventures starting on a wrong note bring disaster.

Vaastu Shastra considers the Northeast as the most auspicious direction. The energy coming from this direction affects our health and development in all fields. We will discuss some bad effects due to Vaastu defects in the Northeast.

  1. The Northeast is also spiritual side and puja and other religious ceremonies are performed in this direction. This direction should NEVER be allowed to become dirty. DO NOT keep shoes, dust bins, brooms etc at Northeast. Septic tanks are also forbidden at Northeast.
  2. The positive and beneficial cosmic energy comes from the Northeast. So this direction should be open. A blocked Northeast arrests growth and development.
  3. Cuts in the Northeast corner distorts the cosmic rays. This is a very bad Vaastu defect and it will affect the health and wealth of the residents. A cut corner is like a body with deformation.
  4. People, who are born on days without the numbers 2, 5 and 8, are likely to have problems related to bones. They should paint the Northeast and Southwest directions of their house with yellow colour. The northeast is dominated by Guru/Brihaspati (Jupiter) whose ruling colour is yellow.
  5. People with defective Northeast in their house and a weak Guru in the natal chart suffer from digestive problems, liver & gall bladder problems, high blood pressure.
  6. Some couples fail to have children after several years of marriage though medical tests do not reveal any problems. They should get their Northeast checked. Living in a bedroom at Northeast immediately after marriage is also one of the causes.
  7. Guru or Brihaspati is also responsible for the wellness of the children. Problems in the Northeast direction bring problems for the children too.


It has been seen that success eludes lot of people despite hard work and perseverance. Vaastu defects may be the cause. Negative energy accumulates due to negative Vaastu and mishaps and misfortunes keep on coming. People blame it on bad luck but bad Vaastu maybe the actual reason.

  1. We know that the Northeast is the spiritual direction and puja should be performed in this direction. But the religious books should not be kept at northeast. This makes the Northeast heavy and a vaastu defect. Religious books should be kept at West. The habit of keeping these books under the pillow or mattress after reading is very bad and should be avoided.
  2. Turmeric is a favourite item of Goddess Lakshmi. That is why it is put on the newly-wed bride during weddings. After sweeping and mopping the floor of the house, turmeric water should be sprinkled with a betel leaf in the entire house for prosperity.
  3. A lamp of cow ghee should be always lit in the puja area and the bell should be rung to dispel negative energy. Blowing the conch shell (Shankh) also gets the same result.
  4. Keep the broom out of sight so that no one treads over it. Nothing should be kept over the broom.
  5. Nice, refreshing pictures like greenery should be hung on the walls. They release tensions.
  6. Stale flowers, etc should be removed from the puja room or the concerned deity and replaced with fresh ones. DO NOT keep the pictures of different deities facing each other.
  7. Install Crystal Sriyantras at the northeast and the Brahmasthal (Centre). They bring the riches besides removing Vaastu defects.
  8. DO NOT keep dried flowers.
  9. It is very good to play or sing soothing hymns or OM chants in the morning.
  10. It is very auspicious to keep a tulsi plant in the Northeast and worship daily with an oil lamp.



The Owl is considered to be a symbol of good luck, wisdom, knowledge and protective energies. The Chinese believe that the Owl attracts prosperity and abundance. The Greeks consider the Owl as the physical representation of the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena.

In India, seeing an owl is considered both good and bad according to its position and time. Lot of people believe that when an Owl makes a call, it signifies death of someone very close.

If an owl is seen behind a guest, it indicates good news at work. In India, the owl is considered a symbol of foolishness and misfortune because it is the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi and while travelling on it, the wealth is attained through foul means.

In Feng Shui, the owl is recommended for protection to ward off anything evil and bring Good luck and Prosperity. It can be placed anywhere that needs specific protection or luck.



We know that burning of Camphor can remove negative energy. The Brass Camphor Lamp is powerful device for clearing the place from negative energies of all types. Camphor is used since ages to clear all kinds of negative energies and it also gives a soothing aroma.

The Camphor lamp / Karpoor Lamp should be placed at any place in your home or office and burn for around 3 to 4 hours daily to get the desired result. Camphor Lamp can also be used in puja rooms, in shops, offices and healing rooms.


  1. I have recently shifted to a new office for my latest venture which is facing the North. The main entrance is from the Northeast. There are two rooms at the back at Southwest and Southeast. I want to occupy the room at Southwest as you have written earlier. The room at Southeast will be used as a conference room/ store. The problem is there is a small pantry which is extended at Northwest. So it is creating a small cut in the Northeast. What should be done as I do not want leave this place being conveniently located?

Name withheld, Via sms.

Ans: Cut off the extended portion with the help of a copper wire. Fix Vaastu pyramids on the wall to separate the pantry from the office.

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