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  |  8 Feb 2019 12:23 PM GMT

The Northeast plays a very important role in Vaastu. This direction belongs to Lord Shiva, the destroyer. This is the zone that brings spiritual powers, mental clarity and thinking ability. The colours that dominate the Northeast are blue and black. The water element rules the Northeast. Jupiter (Guru Brihaspati) is the ruling planet at the Northeast. In general, the Northeast is considered the abode of the gods. The Vaastu Devta resides here. Diti, the mother of the Rakshashas (demons) also stay here (at the eight house).

Care should be taken not to place the main door in this part i.e. the eight part of Northeast as this may cause fire related or other accidents. The third eye of Lord Shiva is supposed to be here.

DO NOT keep septic tank, staircase, toilet, store, overhead water tank, electrical fittings or equipments, heavy machinery or kitchen at the Northeast zone. Red, Pink, purple and maroon colours are forbidden here.


  1. Students will benefit by studying in this direction.
  2. Newly married couples should not sleep in the room at the Northeast as this will sour the relationship and cause problems in pregnancy.
  3. If a kitchen is placed at the Northeast by mistake, housewives should place a yellow stone under the gas stove.
  4. It is best to have a place of puja at the Northeast.
  5. Light cream or blue colour works wonders at the Northeast.
  6. The Guru Yantra is very beneficial at the Northeast along with the Sriyantra and Ketu Yantra.


Have you ever wondered why some households are so happy and full of energetic people while some houses, though big and beautiful, do not radiate positive vibes and have a deserted look? The frequencies inside a premise vary from place to place depending on many factors. Needless to say, Vaastu plays the most important role.

It can be due to the frequency of the plot. Then it can be due to the construction of the house on the plot. The frequencies of the earth and the solar radiation also play a major role.

The Plot of Land:

The vibrations the land is determined by:

  1. The shape of the plot. Quadrangular or rectangular plots create positive effects while other shapes of plots are likely to have distressing effects.
  2. When the distance between the northern and southern borders is greater than the distance between the eastern and western borders, the land emits positive vibrations.
  3. When the front part of the plot is narrower than the back part, the land is beneficial to the owner. When the front part of the plot of land is wider than the hind part, the plot gives off negative vibrations
  4. A small plot of land between two large plots causes distress because the frequencies of the bigger plots markedly affect the smaller one.
  5. Surrounding bodies like rivers, lakes or pond is desirable in some directions. But building a house near a cemetery or crematorium is not recommended.

Vibrations of the Actual Premises:

According to Vaastu Shastra, the spiritual vibrations of the actual premises also depend on a number of factors:

  1. Material used in construction e.g. stone and mud have greater potential to attract positive frequencies than cement.
  2. The direction which the main door, kitchen, toilet etc. are facing.
  3. The purpose of the premises e.g. a house, a shop, office, restaurant, a palace, a temple, etc.

Problems in Defective Premises:

Improperly built premises are likely to cause different types of distress to the residents:

  1. Physical illnesses such as disorders of the stomach, rheumatism, paralysis, etc.
  2. Psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, hypertension, etc.
  3. If the placement of rooms in the premises is wrong then specific types of distress may be experienced.


  1. If a business is not doing well, try this simple remedy. Write the name and type of the business with details on a yellow board with red ink and hang it at the South i.e. facing the North.
  2. If a product is not selling for a long time, shift it to the Northwest portion of the business establishment and see the difference.
  3. If students are not doing well in studies, ensure that their study room is at the Northeast, East or North and they are studying facing the East or North only.
  4. The married couples, wishing to have children, should see that the Northeast corner of the house and the plot is kept clean. They should not sleep in the north-eastern most room.
  5. Keep mirrors and clocks on the eastern or northern walls. This will solve lot of minor Vaastu problems.
  6. If the children are not listening to parents and being careless, they should never be allowed to sleep in the rooms at the Southwest, South or Northwest. They will start dominating the parents at Southwest and will hardly stay at home if allowed to stay at Northwest. In such cases, the West and the East are the best options.
  7. If there is no co-ordination among family members, then a happy family picture with all the members should be kept at Southwest.
  8. If you need the co-operation and help from certain persons all the time, keep a photo of that person/persons in the Northwestern corner of your bedroom or living room.
  9. If the marriage of your daughter is delayed, let her sleep in the north-western room and keep the Northwest corner clean.
  10. When there is a strained relationship between the husband and the wife, hang a joint photo of both in the Southwest corner of the bedroom.

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