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  |  5 March 2019 10:14 AM GMT

There is a very close connection between Vaastu Shastra and Astrology. When both of them go side by side, it gives a new meaning but if one is totally ignored, the desired outcome may be very different and negative at times. This actually means that both Vaastu Shastra principles and astrology are useful.

If a person has constructed a house in accordance with Vaastu which is done according to favourable planetary period astrologically, the combined effect is multiplied manifold. If either one is weak or unfavorable, negative influences take place.

Some astrological combinations with Vaastu during construction of building are given here according to which can help us take a decision about construction of a building:

  1. If the Lord of the fourth House is powerful and placed in the center (kendra), it will bring benefits.
  2. If the lords of second and eleventh houses are positioned in the fourth house and the lord of fourth house is in conjunction with each other. They will also provide several benefits.
  3. If both the lords of ascendant and fourth houses are positioned in the fourth house or in the first house and are either exalted or occupy their own signs.
  4. If both the fourth house and its lord are in watery sign (like cancer, pisces or scorpion) or if the benefactor (karaka) of the fourth house (Moon or Mercury) is in a water sign, then a person gets land etc. from his brothers, wife or wins it from the enemies, without any effort.

Directions Ruling Planet Room

North Mercury Living (Sitting) room

Northeast Jupiter Worship room, living room

East Sun Living room, bathroom (No Toilet)

Southeast Venus Kitchen

South Mars Kitchen, storeroom

Southwest Rahu Master bedroom, heavy storage

West Saturn Children’s bedroom, store room, study

Northwest Moon Guest room, bathroom, grain storage room

The Northeast half of the plot is called the Solar half and the South west half is called the Lunar half. Ideally the Solar half should be lower and the Lunar half should be higher. This ensures the ideal flow of light, solar energy and polar energy from East and North and water flows from the West to East and from the South to North. This type of plot brings joy and happiness, able children and all the success in life to the occupants of the building erected on it.

Avoid plots which are elevated at the center and sloping on all sides. Same rule goes for the plots that are depressed at the center.

The Northeast side of the land should be the lowest side. If the Northeast side is at a higher elevation than other sides of the property, you can dig soil from that one side and use it to build up the other parts. The land should either slope down towards the North or East, but not towards the West or South. Land sloping towards the North brings riches, sloping towards the East brings good fortune, sloping towards South brings disaster, and sloping towards West brings financial loss.


According to Vaastu, everything in the universe is made of energy and is interconnected. Vaastu tells us that we are made of the same five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) that make up our environment. Our bodies can be seen as the microcosm and our world as the macrocosm, as we are influenced by the same Laws of Nature that affect our planet. When any part of the earth is harmed, we all suffer. When these five elements are not in balance due to natural and man-made stress on the environment, Mother Nature has to restore equilibrium.

When the five elements are disturbed, we experience changes in our surroundings. Our latest lifestyle and modern living has disturbed the balance of the five elements on this planet in many places. Natural calamities are nature's way of restoring that balance. Earthquakes occur when there is an imbalance in the earth element. Hurricanes and floods happen when there are disturbances in the water element. Volcanic eruptions, drought, and forest fires occur when there is severe fluctuation in the fire element. We have tornadoes and windstorms when there is disruption in the air element. Harmful infrared radiation infiltration due to felling of trees causes skin cancer when the ozone layer is destroyed and its impact on the space element

  1. When the earth element is out of balance in our body, we can feel heavy, sluggish and tired. Emotionally, we may feel as if there are obstacles to the support we desire from others.

  1. We feel dehydrated or tired when the water element is out of balance. We may also feel out of touch with our spirituality.

  1. When the fire element is out of balance, we may have fever, feel agitated or even angry.

  1. We feel allergic, restless or indecisive when the air element is out of balance. We may also experience depression or our relationships may suffer.

  1. When the space element is out of balance we can feel tight or constricted in our mind or body and lack a feeling of creativity in our life.

Each of the elements is also associated with a specific direction which can be balanced in our home or office. Some changes are mentioned below:

  1. Balance the earth element by having plants in the Southwest. Plants absorb toxins and help clean our environment. We can also balance the earth element by placing heavier items in the Southwest area of a room, home or office. Heavier pieces placed in this direction will create support and protection on an energetic level.

  1. Place a fountain in the Northeast to balance the water element. A fountain in this direction will enliven and purify our environment. Drink plenty of fresh water to maintain the balance of fluid in the body to eliminate toxins and to hydrate. Use low water flow valves to conserve our precious water supply. When there is balance in the water element, we will experience ease and grace in our spiritual practice and finances.
  2. The fire element can be balanced by using full spectrum lighting in all areas of the home and office, especially in the Southeast. For example, a red bulb at the Southeast corner can activate the fire element. Use low wattage lighting to conserve energy. When there is balance in the fire element, our health will improve.

  3. Open the windows, even for a few minutes each morning, to balance the air element in the Northwest. Clean furnace filters regularly. If you work in a windowless environment, use a negative-ion generator to bring more prana (life-force energy) into the office. This will help improve our process of thinking. Relationships are enhanced when the air element is balanced.

  4. Clear all the clutter and debris in all areas of the home or office to help balance the space element. Get rid of the old and unused items. By doing this, we create space for entry of new energy. This will restore the balance of the five elements in our homes, offices and inside. The quality of our life is improved by following the ways of Vaastu.


  1. There is a big low lying swamp land to the South of my plot. It is government land and I cannot do anything about it. I have been told that this is a Vaastu defect. What can be done?

Prasanta Barua, Jorhat

Ans: You have to take protections against the low South with a water body.

  1. Bury pyramids along your southern border
  2. Install a Mangal Yantra at the South
  3. Fix a convex Pa Kua mirror at the South of your house facing the swamp land.

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