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Some call it as a bad or good omen. In fact, there are certain indications or signs which foretell us that something good or bad is going to happen., These have been observed by experts over centuries before coming to a conclusion. Many of them are signals sent by nature. For example, birds and animals lose their sense of navigation due to distorted magnetic fields during an earthquake and start creating a ruckus by screaming and flying or running astray. They have subtler senses than human beings and easily catch good or bad signals. Dogs and elephants are supposed to differentiate from good and bad people.

We will discuss certain signs which give predictions of the shape of things which are going to come.

  1. When black ants gather in large groups and start moving in a circular motion, it indicates increase of wealth. But it also increases difference among family members.
  2. Elephants can identify prosperity energy. If an elephant raises its trunk towards the door of a house, it signifies that the particular household is going to prosper in a generous way.[Also Read:
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  3. When pigeons or doves naturally come and build a nest in your house, it is considered to be very auspicious.
  4. If a dog cries facing a house, that household is going to face trouble.
  5. Spider webs should not be allowed to be built in the house. Old and dusty cobwebs bring poverty. They should be cleaned regularly.
  6. The mouse is the Vahan (vehicle) of Lord Ganesha. The Shrewmouse or mole should not be killed. The presence of the mole in the house is sign of wealth.
  7. But increase of black rats in the house indicates problems among family members.
  8. If an injured bird falls in the courtyard, it is a sign of some kind of accident.
  9. If owls, crows or sandpiper birds sit on the roof of the house and make heavy sounds, you should be alerted that some problem is going to come all of a sudden.


PitruPaksha is a 15-day period observed by the Hindus from the Purnima(Full moon) of month of Bhadon to Amavasya(no moon) of month of Aswin. It is believed that the souls of the ancestors come down to earth during this period and stay with their families. So lot of rules are observed by Hindus and they do not take up any important work or assignment during these 15 days.

This year, the PitruPaksha is from 24th of September to 8th October. Lot of people visit Gaya in Bihar or Varansi(Kashi) and offer Pinda in the river Ganga. Those who do not know or remember the day of death of their parents can do shraddha on the day of Amavasya. The shraddha of those dying due to mishap is done on the fourteenth day of the descending moon. Generally, the shraddha of the father is done on the eight day and that of mother is done on the ninth day of PitruPaksha.

Those doing shraddha during PitruPaksha should not cook at home and have Satwik cooked food from the house of friends or relatives. They should not apply oil on the body and observe Brahmacharya(celibacy). They should not shave or cut their hair.

Iron utensils should not be used during this period. It is said that feeding Brahmins is very auspicious in PitruPaksha.

It is forbidden to but anything new during PitruPaksha as one is in mourning.

It is believed that the soul of ancestors may come in any form to ask for shraddha/panda. So animals or beggars should not be looked down upon.

Food should be offered first to cattle, dogs, cats or crows before eating. It is believed that the ancestors receive their due in their form! The ladies of the house should not eat the food cooked for the shraddha.


VaastuShastra offers solutions for almost all sorts of problems. The ancient pundits said and wrote down rules for having a peaceful life. They are listed as Vaastu advice as Vaastu is related to living besides architecture. Some of them are precautions against negative energy forms. By following these tips, one can protect himself from getting cheated. As the going has become tougher, more and more people have resorted to cheating to get the better of others. People cheat each other over smallest of matters. It can be in love, studies, examinations, jobs, bribing to get ahead of others, financial cheating, etc., etc.

  1. Vaastu has said that there should not be a mirror directly opposite the bed which may amount to cheating by partners. Pink or light-coloured bedsheets should be used in the bedroom which increases trust between partners.
  2. One should not sit on the window or door sill. This leads to being cheated.
  3. Gangajal (Holy water from Ganges) should be sprinkled on the house which removes negative energy and protects against cheating.
  4. The washing machine should be kept at the Northwest of the house.
  5. The ladies of the house should not wear red clothes. Red attracts other males which may give rise to cheating tendencies.
  6. Cooking utensils and used plates should not be kept unwashed for a long time. They breed negative energy.
  7. White sandalwood radiates positive energy. It should be kept in such a place so that everyone can see it. By viewing it, negative thoughts disappear from the mind.


  1. Plant Jasmine (Chameli) where it can get proper sunlight. Make Jasmine tea by boiling Jasmine flowers in water which is very good for health.
  2. If you happen to have thorny plants in your garden, plant an Ashoka tree (Ficus) in between two cactus plants to reduce its ill effects.
  3. Plant a Tulsi in the North, North-East (Ishan Kon) or East Side of the House. Light a ghee lamp or 'agarbatti' in front of the plant in the morning and evening to bring prosperity and good luck.
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