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  |  15 March 2019 9:55 AM GMT

The kitchen is the most important place in a house where the food for the entire family is prepared. This food keeps the health and mood of the members’ right. If the energy of the kitchen is not proper, it will also affect the members via the consumed food prepared in it. So the Vaastu of the kitchen must be set right.

  1. Keep jaggery (molasses) in the kitchen. This sweetens relations among the family members!
  2. Do not keep broken, worn out or cracked utensils. They breed negative atmosphere.
  3. Do not keep turmeric next to salt. This hampers the thinking process.
  4. Never cry in the kitchen. This spells bad omen for the household.
  5. Annapurna, the goddess of food loves cleanliness. Always keep the kitchen neat and clean.
  6. Do not locate/place the utensils, food store or the fridge at the Northwest.


Rahu is one of the malefic planets and if it is badly placed, it can bring defamation and severe calamity. According to Vaastu, it resides in broken doors, cracked walls, old paintings, darkness, gaps in walls, etc. If a kitchen is devoid of sunlight and is in a cold condition, Rahu will make it a residence.

Rahu also gets into the smoke. When the walls are blackened with smoke, it becomes better for Rahu. So every kitchen must have a system to let the smoke out. Darkened or faded kitchen walls must be repainted as soon as possible.


Indian women have been wearing anklets or payals since ancient times. It is a traditional ornament worn around the ankle by ladies which has different uses besides style. Since womenfolk used to stay indoors earlier, the noise of the anklets could tell everyone that a lady is coming or going.

Interestingly enough, anklets have health benefits too! Generally, they are made of silver or gold which help the bones of the legs when they get rubbed.

Silver anklets are considered better than the gold ones. Gold is preferred more on hands and neck by the women. Many women have complained about health issues after wearing anklets made of gold.


The Chinese have observed the effect of birds and animals on human beings. Since we all co-exist in this world, there is a role for everyone to play. Even insects and reptiles are of no exception. Presence of a particular animal can have a positive or negative effect on a person. The butterfly is such an insect which is considered as a symbol of love and romance.

It is not required to have a live butterfly but a picture or idol will do. Feng Shui experts recommend a butterfly made of blue stones and they should be kept in pairs.

Indians also believe that butterflies are lucky for love. It is believed that if a butterfly sits on an unmarried person, he or she will soon find love. It is still a custom to print the symbol of the butterfly on wedding invitation cards with the mantra “Aum Prajapatye Namaha”.

It is said that butterflies are free and they symbolize freedom. So butterflies should be kept in the study room of children to have them the feeling of freedom. It can be painted on the wall or hung in front in a picture. It can increase creativity in children.

Whenever we need creative energy in our lives, we can think about the butterfly. It also brings about transformation in life. The butterfly itself is a transformation from a caterpillar. From an ugly stage, it gets transformed into a beautiful and colourful creature.

If someone is facing difficulties in specific areas of life, the butterfly can be placed in that area to get the required transformation with ease and grace.

Ladies can wear the butterfly as a pendant or in the form of a locket.

The butterfly should be kept in a place where everyone can see it..


  1. The purple colour symbolizes wealth and peace. When one prospers, it is said that he has hit a “purple patch”. So it is extremely lucky to have a purple flower plant in the house. If you cannot find a purple plant, get a flower pot and paint it purple. This will increase positive energy and keep everyone happy.

  1. DO NOT hang the picture of a setting sun or sunset over water. This stops progress.


  1. Never use light or deep blue colour at the Southeast.
  2. NEVER use red or orange colours at the Northeast or North. These are the zones of the water element.
  3. DO NOT apply four different colours on the four walls of the bedroom. It will create differences.
  4. DO NOT use brown or black or dark grey on the exterior of the house.


  1. I am residing in a flat and there are more windows at the South than the North. What should I do?

Mayank Gupta,


Ans: Keep the ones closed which you can do without. Use heavy and red or maroon curtains on them. Paint your northern wall with light blue colour.

  1. Our office is getting painted after three years. As you have mentioned, only light colours are being used. Can we use light pink colour for the ceilings?

P.K. Baruah

Ans: Go for white only. Avoid other colours for the ceiling.

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