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SPIRITUAL: Real Freedom is Transcendental

SPIRITUAL: Real Freedom is Transcendental

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  12 Sep 2019 12:40 PM GMT

Everybody wants freedom as far as talking is concerned but are we really free? Nobody is really free and the greatest irony is that nobody really wants to be free because freedom brings along with it, responsibility. To be dependent on someone else is simple because the responsibilities are then on the other person.

We talk of truth and freedom but we live in lies and slavery because each bond of slavery frees us from some responsibility. One who wants to be really free has to accept immense responsibilities. He cannot dump his responsibilities on anybody else. Whatever he does, whatever he is, he alone is responsible for himself.

From the very beginning, we are not taught about being responsible. It is ingrained in our minds that it is better to live a life where somebody else is responsible for us so that we never have to face any problem; we are simply taught to follow orders. We are taught never to disobey which is a good name for slavery. We are taught to follow the orders of our elders because it helps us to dump the responsibility on them. If an individual wants to be real and an authentic human being, he will have to be an outsider. Although it sounds dismal, the reality is totally different. If one can live it, it is the only way of light, it is the only way to live. Whatever freedom brings with it is good. But this experience of tremendous beauty and goodness cannot be just a concept, one has to live it and taste it.

Freedom is a loaded word. Feelings run very high as it is either granted or denied. People argue about, fight for it, die for it but do we even understand what it is?

Freedom has two sides. The first side is freedom ‘from’ – from nationality, from a certain church, from a certain race, from a certain political ideology. This is the first part of freedom, the very foundation of freedom. It is always ‘from’ something. Once we attain this freedom, we will feel very light and happy and for the first time we will start rejoicing in our own individuality because our individuality was covered with all those things that we have become free of. But this is only one half and then there will come sadness - sadness because the other half is missing. Freedom ‘from’ is fulfilled, but freedom for what?

Freedom Transcendental in itself has no meaning, unless it is freedom ‘for’ something, something creative – freedom to sculpt, freedom to dance, freedom to create music, poetry, painting. Osho points out, “Unless your freedom turns into a creative realization, you will feel sad. Because you will see that you are free: your chains are broken, you no longer have any handcuffs, you no longer have any chains, you don’t have any prison, you are standing under the starry night, completely free, but where do you go? Then comes a sudden sadness. What path to choose? Up to now there was no question of going anywhere – you were imprisoned. Your whole consciousness was concentrated on how to get free, your only anxiety was how to get free. Now that you are free, a new kind of problem has to be encountered. What to do now that you are free?”

Just freedom in itself does not mean anything, unless we choose a creative path. If we have a certain kind of talent that has not been allowed to develop because of our fetters, with freedom we can be creative. Then our freedom and the circle is complete.

Osho explains, “You have to become a creator. You have to find some creativity that fulfills your freedom, otherwise the freedom is empty. You have to either create something or discover something. Either bring your potential to actuality or go inwards to find yourself, but do something with your freedom.”

Freedom is only an opportunity. It is not in itself the goal. It simply gives us the whole opportunity to do whatever we want to do Transcendental.

Freedom ‘from’ and freedom ‘for’ are not true freedom. Transcendental Freedom ‘for’ will have something to do with freedom ‘from’; they both are together. “The real freedom is the third kind, the transcendental freedom”, says Osho. It is neither ‘from’ nor ‘for’; it is simply freedom. It is just freedom. Neither against anybody, it is not a reaction; nor to create some future, there is no goal. One simply enjoys being oneself, for its own sake; it is an end unto itself Transcendental.

Ma PremNaina (NainaRajkumari) is a Master’s in Business Administration and also holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication. She was initiated into Osho’s Neo Sanyas in 2003 and has been heading the publications and media relations at Osho World Foundation before moving on to join Solidaridad Network Asia as Head of Communications. She lives in New Delhi.

Ma Prem Naina

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