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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  27 Feb 2019 10:42 AM GMT

Already one and a half months have gone by in 2019 and many of us have not done any changes in the household. Get a new look for the house in the beginning of the year itself so that the house and its members get a new lease of life too. A neat and clean and organized household brings joy and happiness to all. We take lot of resolutions for the New Year like doing exercises, giving up bad habits like smoking or drinking, etc, etc but we do not pay any heed to the house. So let us take a resolution to rectify the house give it a new lease of life.


Over time, the walls get stains, cracks and accumulate dirt and cobwebs in the corners. They breed negative energy and your mind gets stale too. Clean the walls and get the cracks repaired. Paint them according to your budget. If you cannot afford plastic or enamel paint, go for simple lime with blue. The eastern walls must be kept clean and fresh for the growth and development of children. Lord Indra rules the east. Certain items like diamonds, crystals, white elephants or horses are associated with lord Indra. Keep these items in the children’s room at east.


The checking and rectifying of the Southeast corner of the house is recommended as the kitchen is located here. Pictures of fire, burning candles, symbol of mars (Mangal) and the triangle sign are very auspicious in the Southeast. Red, yellow and orange colours are suitable at the Southeast.

Those suffering from lack of sleep, restlessness and bad health should check the South and the Southeast directions. Go for corrective measures wherever required. The picture of a cow or bullock here is very good.


Lot of people suffer from lack of sleep due to constant nightmares or fear due to defects in the Southwest corner or the Nairuthi angle. This area is associated with the earth element. DO NOT place the main door or the kitchen at Southwest. The malefic planets like the Saturn (Shani) and Rahu also rule the Southwest. Purple or violet colours are good at Southwest. You can also keep pictures of a Lion or cat or goddess Durga on her Tiger at the Southwest. The planet Venus is associated with bedrooms. So if there is a bedroom at the Southwest, go for like pink or green colour.


The Northwest direction controls our mental faculty. The moon is the ruling planet at the Northwest. Since the energy of the Northwest is unstable, nothing is permanent here. Guest rooms and bathrooms are recommended at the Northwest. The room of marriageable daughters can be also placed at the Northwest. Light silver or white colours are suitable at the Northwest. The moon also controls the communication process. So telephones, mobile phones or the TV should be kept at the Northwest. The picture of the moon is very lucky at the Northwest (See Image)


If finances are not the way it should be or the health is not keeping well on a regular basis, check your North. This is controlled by Lord Kubera, the god of wealth and Guru or Brihaspati (Jupiter). The North is the right place to keep your valuables. It is also a good direction for offices, library and store. DO NOT keep the photos of ancestors at the North. Light yellow colour is lucky at the North. You can keep a Kuber Yantra (See Image) at the North on a Wednesday for financial gains. Pictures of water, fish, tortoise, Lakshmi are auspicious at the North.


Pay attention to the Northeast for all round prosperity in the house. Prana or the life force is generated at the Northeast. Lord Som influences the Northeast which brings steadiness. The main door is very auspicious at the Northeast. Heavy items should not be kept at the Northeast. Objects having gold or silver colour are lucky at the Northeast. Picture or shapes of the sun or moon can be kept at the Northeast. Musical instruments and windchimes are also good at the Northeast.


Do not keep too many things in the bedroom which will turn it into a war zone. Keep a picture of the joint family in the bedroom. Remove all the clutter and dispose unused and old items.


The underground water bodies play a very significant role in vaastu. Underground or overhead tanks, if located wrongly, can spell disaster. Here we will discuss about underground water bodies only.

The Northeast is the best place to have an underground water tank, pond, well or deep tubewell. This will ensure peace and happiness for the family members.

When early morning sunrays fall on the water bodies at the Northeast, they destroy micro organisms present in the water. These water surfaces at the Northeast causes the sunlight to get polarized in transverse direction. In layman’s words, it means that the strong sunlight gets softened by the water at northeast after reflection and absorption to some extent.

The afternoon sunrays are very potent and full of infra red rays. If they fall on water bodies at the South and West, the effects are adverse. Water bodies at the South are bad for the ladies. On the other hand, water bodies at West are bad for the male members.

Water bodies at Southeast or Southwest can affect the character and name of female members besides health and other losses like wealth.

There should not be a water body at the centre or brahmasthan. This is one of the worst Vaastu defects.

Before digging any well or other water body, Bhoomi puja must be performed. DO NOT dig for a water body in the evening. This must be done in the morning only.


  1. I used to work in an MNC the office of which was in G.S.Road on the same side as the Big Bazar located at Bhangagarh. Now I have left that company and joined a new venture capital on the other side of the road near Ganeshguri. I can choose my own cabinet now as I am in administration. Which direction should I face? I used to face the main road in my earlier office.

S.K. Dutta,

Via Email

Ans: Your earlier office was facing the Southwest in G.S.Road and that was not a good direction for working. I am not sure about your earlier performance or achievements but this new office will be facing the Northeast. So sit facing the main road i.e. the G.S.Road in a cabin located at Southwest, West or South if you have the choice.

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