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Cafes are the in-thing in Guwahati at the moment and every day we get to see the rise of a new café or bistro. This cafehas been one of the foremost entrants in the cafe culture of Guwahati and with a fast increasing clientele base which they have managed to retain, this eatery is one of the most popular ones in the cafe map of the city. With tastefully done interiors, the place is one of the first Indo-Continental-fast food joints in the city offering an extensive spread and a select cafe menu.

Launched a couple of years back, Strawberry Fields is located in the building right opposite All India Radio in Chandmari. The building where it is located houses other popular brands like Majulir Ekhaj and Arunima Dutta's Yoga Studio. Although the prime location of the place makes it impossible not to notice it, the ambience and beautifully crafted interiors makes it an all-time favourite for students.

We have been recording the rise of the café phenomenon in the city but much to our dismay, most of the options available at hand are rather monotonous and do not offer much variation. Strawberry Fields fills this void and offers a refreshing break – both in terms of visuals as well as the food that is served. This is perhaps one of the few cafes in the entire Northeast to have a small library for book lovers and is an ideal place for book lovers to read and relax, and to get away from the busy city that Guwahati is.

The cafe has an eclectic playlist of music that makes your dining experience memorable. Beautiful bookshelves adorn one side of the wall and framed artworks and photographs of musical icons help give a unique charm to the entire place.

A food critic Swagata Baishya had opined "This is the prettiest cosy place in town. Trust me, I had burgers after ages here. I am not at all a fan of the Mac D or KFC ones and Strawberry Fields serves you the best burgers in town. The almond latte was amazing too. And the fried ice cream was a mystery but it was one hell of a thing. And the devil's temptation was phenomenal. I think they use seasonal fruits for the garnishing and the one I had was superb. Plus, they serve you drinks with metallic straws. And how can I not mention about the music? You can just sit there and listen to your favourite songs for hours. I think if you want a great mood uplift, Strawberry Fields is the place! Plus the hospitality was A1!"

Coming to the food, an eclectic range of food is served here. The menu of the restaurant is not unlike the menu which you get in most of the cafes which have come up in the city. But the fact that makes it unique is its emphasis to maintain the standard of its food items and the decision of the management to continuously upgrade its menu.

Very reasonably priced, a meal for two generally costs you around Rs 500 and we guess this is why it is one of the most popular hanging out places for the younger generation. Appreciating the quality of the food served here, a customer Trishula Das opined, "A place with nice ambience and obviously the Strawberry Fields; what can you possibly need more than this?Strawberry Fields is a great place to chill out with friends have coffee and snacks and just have a great time. I would always love to be here when with best friends".

In a short time,Strawberry Fields has managed to grab the attention of patrons in Guwahati. Listed amongst the five best cafes for hanging out in Guwahati city, the café has been featured in a number of prestigious journals and publications. As Gplus noted in a reviews, "Popular for its pretty interiors, this café is very 'Instagram friendly'. It also offers some great music which is a treat for music lovers who can sit for hours listening to their favourite sings while sipping on coffee. The café is sure to uplift your mood whenever you visit it. Desserts and drinks are the most popular items on the menu among the visitors."

In the huge market of cafes and restaurants that Guwahati has become,one thing that definitely stand out about Strawberry Fields is the warmth that it emanates. These is a sense of ease in the ambiance, a friendliness with its patrons which seems lacking in most cafes.

And if to vouch for that, we can reproduce the words of a young food enthusiast Ria who says, "In terms of cafes, this place is quite pocket friendly. The coolers and shakes are around 100 and 130 respectively. We had the Super Vanilla Express Frappe and Iced Coffee Cream. I loved the latter more because it had a little bitter taste to it along with being sweet. The vanilla one was also quite okay. Then we had the Honey Meringue Burger. This was like so good and it had loads of mayo and cheese. The staff is also good with pretty cool interiors!"

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