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The basis of entire creation in this universe has two primary forces. They are defined as the masculine and feminine forces or Father and Mother. In Feng Shui, they are termed as the Yang and the Yin energy. For anything to happen or come into existence, these two opposite forces have to be there. In fact, they are complimentary to each other as one cannot exist without the other.

The Chinese philosophy says that everything is manifested by the combination of Yang and Yin energy. It has been discovered ages ago that all matter has energy vibrations. The Chinese call it 'Chi' while the Hindus call it 'Prana'. The Japanese call it 'Ki' as in ReiKi.

There must be a balance of Yang and Yin energy in the house. The active areas of the house are dominated by the male energy while the passive areas are dominated by the female energy. Places like the kitchen, doors, windows, etc are dominated by Yang energy. Areas like the bathroom require water and must have lot of yin energy. Rooms with no windows and shady or quiet are dominated by Yin energy.

The portion of the house where sunlight falls is masculine side while the shady part of the house is feminine or Yin.



YANG PLACES: The kitchen, sunny places, boiler or Generator room, cities, office Buildings, flat landscapes, uneven mountains, Sports stadiums are some places dominated by masculine energy.

YIN PLACES: Calm seas or seaside, forests, green landscape, shady trees, plain mountains are Yin places.

YANG COLOURS: Red, yellow, orange and other bright colours.

YIN COLOURS: Green, blue and lighter shades.

SHAPES: Square, angular, compact and sturdy shapes are masculine. Round, long narrow and delicate shapes are feminine.

MATERIALS: Wooden objects and natural fabrics (like silk, cotton, etc.) are Yin materials. Synthetic fabrics, metal, glass, polished stone objects are some examples of Yang materials

MENTAL STATE: Yin minds are imaginative, creative and intuitive while Yang minds are logical, ordered and quick thinking.


  1. If a room or area in the house or workplace turns out to be very passive or less productive, its Yang energy should be increased by placing wind chimes or creating some space or openings so that there are more movement of energy.
  2. Over ventilation of a house may create an imbalance of Yin/Yang energy. Similarly, some houses are not ventilated at all. Increase doors or windows in such cases to improve ventilation.
  3. Some corners and rooms in the house always remain dark or closed. They can lower the energy flow. A bright bulb should be kept lit in such rooms or corners to improve the "Chi". If possible, sunlight should be reflected to these areas by a mirror.
  4. Houses near hospitals, burial grounds, churches, police stations, prisons and butcher houses have too much of Yin energy. If one has to live in these areas, the Yang energy must be increased.


The stale energy in the house can be improved by these following methods:

  1. Repainting the walls with bright colours.
  2. Trimming trees in the compound which are blocking sunrays.
  3. Keeping the windows open during daytime.
  4. Use bright coloured furniture and upholstery.
  5. Use more lights in the house.
  6. Play the music system or keep the television on. Sound and electronic waves bring Yang energy.
  7. Keep fresh flowers in vases. Change them when they wither or die. DO NOT use dried flowers or leaves.
  8. Red roofs can increase Yang energy as it absorbs more sunlight.
  9. Pebbles and stone objects in the garden can increase Yang energy.
  10. Pain the main door in bright red.
  11. Grow more flowers in the garden
  12. Paint the compound wall with bright colour.
  13. Hang a crystal Chandelier just inside the main door or place red lanterns in the living room.
  14. Put garden lights all around the house.


Too much of masculine energy may harm and make people lethargic. Constant exposure to bright light or heat, strong winds or energy waves can create an overdose of Yang energy. In such cases, the energy should be reduced by:

  1. Paint doors and walls with cooling colours like blue.
  2. Keep paintings of lakes or rivers.
  3. Avoid too much light in the house. DO NOT use red bulbs.
  4. Avoid too much of noise.
  5. Keep a water feature like a fountain or aquarium.
  6. Paint the compound wall or gates in black.


Vaastu plays a vital role in maintaining relationships. Both sides of the main door and windows should not be damaged. Similarly the plastering around them should also not be broken. This affects the ladies and hence they should be repaired immediately. The parapet walls should not be broken which invites contempt from the Government and danger of falsely implicated cases. A smaller front door and a bigger rear door are also cause of tensions for family members.If there is no plastering on the walls of the kitchen or bedrooms, there will be reduction of love among the family members. The floor near the main door should not be broken and no dirt should be allowed to accumulate near it. This creates tension for owner.

There should not be black paint on the main door. This causes quarrels and even murder in the family at times. An obstruction in front of the main door inside the house while entering the house makes the owner cruel, greedy and arrogant.

Sword or knives etc. should not be hung on doors because they impart anger and bad motives. The guest room should not be next to the kitchen because it may create misunderstanding between the husband and the wife! A wash basin in the bedroom makes the couple suspicious of each other!

Old, second hand doors, windows, grills, etc. should not be used in newly constructed buildings because they may create tensions for the owner. Thorny and prickly plants should be avoided in the compound. Windows should always be opened in the morning to allow sunlight and fresh air to come in otherwise the children may face troubles.

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