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The Cover Photos: A Doubtful Love Story

The Cover Photos: A Doubtful Love Story

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 April 2019 11:05 AM GMT

Rituparna Chakraborty

Shambu had not heard from Aamna for the past one week. ‘Shambu’ – the name sounds funny but his real name was Nihaar. Nihaar and Aamna had been school friends, college friends and eventually, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. However, things did not work out between them because of cast, creed and religious issues, and both had to get married elsewhere. Since their breakup was through understanding between them, they were still in touch through social media. They have not met each other after they got married, because they were geographically poles apart. Aamna stayed in the northern part of India whereas Nihaar stayed in the Southern part of India.

Both Aamna and Nihaar had decided that they will not let their past come in between their marriage. They never got into long or emotional talks which might ignite their buried feelings again. Whenever Aamna missed Nihaar, she would just post a cover photo of Shikari Shambu on her social media profile. Nihaar was fond of toy guns as a teenager. Sometimes, she would post a picture of Shikari Shambu holding a toy gun. This was all that she did to express her hidden feelings occasionally. Nihaar would send pictures of his and his family.

Aamna would pray for all of them because by God’s grace, she had got a loving husband and extremely loving in-laws. She wanted Nihaar also to be happy in his family life. There were times, when Nihaar would send pictures of his with his friends as well. He had a huge group of friends. When Aamna would see pretty girls around him, Nihaar would send pictures of some other girls saying they tried to woo him. Aamna would get jealous, but then Nihaar would say, “There is no one Aamna.” Aamna would smile and say, “Yes, I know. You love your wife a lot.” Aamna meant that. She wanted that to happen. She wanted Nihaar to be happy only with his wife. All of a sudden Aamna stopped responding to Nihaar’s text messages and calls. Nihaar had no clue what was happening. She seemed to have broken all ties with him. One month went by and Aamna did not speak with Nihaar.

Today, somehow Aamna felt, it was important to cut off the thread properly without leaving any loose ends. As always Nihaar tried calling her today as well. She picked up the phone. “I need an explanation,” demanded Nihaar. Aamna said, “You will very well get it. I am sending you some pictures. Just tell me who is she?” Nihaar was taken aback. He asked, “What on earth are you talking about?” Aamna replied calmly, “Nihaar, These are the pictures you had sent me. I am just asking you, who is this lady beside you. I can see her in most of the pictures and she is not your wife.” Nihaar lost his temper and said, “What the hell are you talking about?” Aamna said, “Nihaar, I am just giving you an explanation. Please look at the pictures and answer my questions. After that, you can shout at me.”

Nihaar looked at pictures and said, ‘”These are my friends. Come on! Don’t tell me you are doubting me.” Aamna said coolly, “What’s the name of the lady beside you?” Nihaar said, “She is a friend. Her name is Sanjana.” Aamna’s voice broke. She said, “I am not upset that Sanjana and you love each other. I am upset that you were so generous with your ‘I love you’ phrase that, in the past you had used it for me. You must have used it for your wife and now, I am sure you are using it for Sanjana.” Nihaar groped for words “You……” He was about to say something when Aamna said, “You must be wondering how I guessed that?” Nihaar did not say anything. Aamna continued, “Do you know the fact that a jealous woman does better research than FBI?”

Nihaar was still quiet. Aamna continued, “I could see Sanjana’s picture in and around you whenever you had attended any event. She is someone who even clicks your pictures occasionally and you had told me that once. I did not doubt anything then. It’s just that when I stalked your social media profile, I saw her ‘liking’ all your pics.” Nihaar said in between, “Just for liking my pics, you think I have a relationship with her?” Aamna said, “No Nihaar. I realised she loved you when I saw her cover pictures. Every now and then she posts pictures of Shikari Shambu. Sometimes Shikari Shambu with a toy gun, sometimes Shikari Shambu driving a car and in the ‘comments section’ she would tell her friends, ‘I love Shikari Shambu’.”

Nihaar froze there. He knew that every word that Aamna said was true. He had an affinity towards Sanjana. But, he did not want to lose Aamna. Talking about his wife, his wife apparently did not appreciate him in her life. He needed someone. That’s when Sanjana came, a separated lady, who had been hurt and abused. Nihaar’s life was also miserable. He had no one around him who loved him. Aamna was his best friend but she would never be with him in person. Sanjana was someone whom he could go to whenever he needed a shoulder. Nihaar knew that Aamna will never be able to accept that.

Hence he never said anything to her. Nihaar did not say anything. Aamna could read Nihaar’s mind. There was this telepathy happening between them for years now. She said, “Nihaar, it was not easy for me to see you with another woman when you got married. But, I had accepted that because I too started my life with someone else. However, the fact still remains that I was never disloyal to my husband. I remained your friend and never nurtured any wrong feelings which could break my relationship with my husband. I expected the same from you. But, somehow I feel, you cheated on your wife, you betrayed my trust and friendship. I can’t see you with another woman now again, no matter what. Call it jealousy, selfishness or hatred. And yes, now, if you really like the lady with the cover photo of ‘Shikari Shambu’, please don’t hurt her, the way you have hurt me and your wife.” Aamna hung up the phone, never to speak or remain in touch with Nihaar again. As for Nihaar, Sanjana loved him, his wife hated him and Aamna left him forever… all because of cover photos.

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