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  |  13 Feb 2019 12:27 PM GMT

The Eastern Southeast falls on the East side of Southeast on the first three grids of the Vaastu grid from the Southeast corner. If someone starts working in this zone, there will be tensions, worries and anxiety in work. The ability to take proper decisions gets reduced at the Southeast. People tend to resort to more luxurious lifestyles than is required.

Extensions in the Eastern Southeast can bring personal as well as financial losses. Married couples should not sleep in this direction as there will be lot of fights.

While the Southern Southeast is ruled by the fire element, the Eastern Southeast is ruled by the air element. Its colour is green. Doors are forbidden in this zone.

People tend to get angry in this zone and quickly lose their temperament. The shoulder of the Vaastu devta falls at the Eastern Southeast. Any imbalance in this direction may result in problems of the shoulder.

The 7th part of the Vaastu grid in this zone is ruled by Bhrisa. Doors at this zone forces one to lie and become worried all the time. So this door is also called the door of thought process. Negative effects of the door at Eastern Southeast can result in failure in business, personal fields and power to execute.


  1. DO NOT fix a mirror in this zone. This may result in losses.
  2. The washing machine can be kept in this direction.
  3. Doors in this direction breeds envy among family members.
  4. It is also a good direction to keep the mixer/grinder.
  5. People who sleep at the Eastern Southeast gets attracted towards some addiction and sex.
  6. Doors at the 7th grid of the Vaastu grid make the inmates prudent without any cause.
  7. Keeping a statue of the Kamdhenu Cow at the Eastern Southeast brings wealth.
  8. A pair of rabbits at the Eastern Southeast eases the thought process and worries.
  9. Light cream or yellow colours are suitable at the Eastern Southeast. Light green can also be used.
  10. Toilets, stores and shoes cabinets are good at the Eastern Southeast.


Some Vaastu defects can bring financial losses, worries and health problems. A little knowledge can help us overcome these problems.

  1. The main door of the house should NEVER be black. This brings a bad name to the owner.
  2. The main door should not be smaller than other doors of the house. This will bring financial problems. Make this the largest door.
  3. The windows of the house should be opened during sunrise to let in the early morning sunlight into the house. This improves the health of the family members.
  4. DO NOT fix or display weapons on the main door like a sword or axe. This will induce infighting within family members.
  5. The walls of the kitchen should not be broken or cracked. They should be repaired immediately.
  6. DO NOT fix old doors or windows or grills in the house. This will hinder progress and development.
  7. DO NOT keep any wash basin in the bedroom. This will affect relations.
  8. DO NOT bring outsiders inside the bedroom. This will again decrease trust between the husband and the wife.
  9. The doors of the bedrooms should not be painted black. This is very bad for relations.


We commit several lifestyle-related mistakes inadvertently. These can harm us without anyone realizing what went wrong.

  1. Do not talk (whether on the phone or otherwise) inside the toilet.
  2. Greet guests with a smiling face. Never welcome them with a sulky or glum face whatever may be the reason.
  3. DO NOT sit on the main door. This blocks the entry of Goddess Lakshmi.
  4. DO NOT blow out the oil lamp with your mouth. Blowing our candles on birthdays is Western culture. This is an insult to Lord Agni.
  5. Always pray or thank god before a meal.
  6. NEVER give a loan to anyone at night.
  7. DO NOT bite your fingernails.
  8. It is very bad to sleep during sunrise and sunset.


  1. I have recently got a survey done on my land which is near a hill that shows that the underground water source is running from the Southwest to Eastern Southeast. I need to dig a borewell. What to do?

R Bhagawati, Kharguli

Ans: This is a big problem in Guwahati. While it is forbidden to dig a well at the southern region, the scarcity of groundwater makes it extremely difficult to stick to Vaastu norms. Avoid the south-western part at the present moment and go for the Eastern Southeast. But this is also not good at all and you must take precautions like pyramids and yantras. Select an auspicious day for the boring and do bhoomi puja as well.

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