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The Money Plant in Vaastu

The Money Plant in Vaastu

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  7 July 2018 11:30 PM GMT


Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

According to Vaastu Shastra, many types of trees are planted in the house, which helps in removing the negative energy surrounding the house. Also, the trees must be planted in the right direction in order to boost the positive energy field that they produce. The Money Plant is one of them.

If the Money Plant is put up in the right direction then happiness and prosperity remains in the house, and if it's in the wrong direction, then it leads to disastrous results. A few tips and directions are given below to ensure that the Money Plant brings you fortune, wealth, success and peace.

1. As per the Shastras, the Northeast direction of the home must be avoided for the Money Plant. Keeping it in this direction would destroy the prosperity of the family and bring about constant family conflicts. The Northeast must be always kept clear.

2. The branches and the vines of the Money Plant symbolise financial growth. So they must be supported through the wall, making them grow in a vertically upward direction rather than running it along the ground. Letting them spread on the ground or hanging the vines in downward direction leads to financial losses and wealthy acquisition by others.

3. The Southeast direction of your home is in fact the most auspicious place to put the Money Plant. This direction is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, Goddess Laxmi and Kubera.Feng Shui also suggests wooden elements in the Southeast.

4. It is wrong to place the Money Plant outside the home premises like, in the garden, balcony or even terrace. This way, it takes your wealth away from your reach. So, the Money Plant must always be kept inside the house and placed inside a pot or a glass bottle.


Friends are important in everybody's life. A time comes when one is in need of friends to pass the time or to relieve stress and tensions. During old age, when children are no longer nearer, friends are the only ones who give us company and often help at times. It is not desirable to have friends only during your times of happiness but during hardship and times of trouble too. Good friends bring energy to our soul.

Some professions require lot of friends. People in the show business, glamour and politics need to have friends in the right places. People in the fields of sports, performing arts and music automatically make a lot of friends as well as fans. Vaastu and Feng Shui lays down some guidelines to make friends and retain them.

1. Having photos together is a fashion for many people specially those who are using social media. They click selfies and put them up in the social media. This may attract jealousy from others rather than praise.So, instead of putting them up on social media, make a collage of such pictures and hang them in the southern corner of your house. This will attract more friends in your life.

2.Placing happy pictures of happy people like friends or relatives will increase positivity in your life and you will make new friends.

3. The South centre: Hang a picture of the phoenix bird in the South corner of your house. You can hang a picture of the rooster in lieu. This will also help you make new friends.

4. Lighting: Keep the South corner of your house brightly lit.For that matter, remove all dark corners that are present in the house by lighting. This will attract more friends into your life.

5. To make new friends, you need to activate your personal growth also. This can be done by using your lucky number when dealing with friends such as buying them a gift or giving them some money. This will help you make new friends.

6. Remove all the clutter in your house to attract positivity and new friends in your house. Clean all the dust and remove all the cobwebs in the house.This will help spread good karma in your house.

7. Keep your surroundings clean as well: Keep your surroundings clean so that it creates a healthy atmosphere. Make sure to keep the entrance of your house clean.

8. You must start to enjoy gatherings. Get out of your shell and start interacting. This will bring you new friends.

9. The social media is a great place to interact with groups and new people. But you must exercise caution while dealing with new people.You can go online and join or meet up groups that will open up your outlook towards life. Try to make friends only with like-minded people.

10. Table manners: Your manners speak a lot about you.It is better to seat along a square or rectangular table to talk to your friends. They will love you for your table manners.

11. Avoid Impure things: DO NOT keep any uneaten food, trash bag or dirty household furniture at the middle of your door. These will attract negative energy in your house.

12. Handkerchief: There is a belief that you should never gift a handkerchief to your friend. You should not even borrow one or keep someone else's handkerchief. But attaching a metal clip or pin negates the bad effect! There is no scientific explanation for this though!

13. Avoid Sharing: Do not share any black thing with your friend.Do not eat leftover food given by a friend. Though this is quite common in friends, this should not be done. The main reason is transfer of energy from one person to another person(s).

14. The Northeast:The Northeast is an auspicious direction for many things.While meeting friends, sit with them in the Northeast corner of the place. This will make your bond stronger with your friends.

15. Crystals are excellent for relationships. Crystals improve the energy of a place or person which promotes good health helping attract more friends.


Q. Where should I hang the family picture in the drawing room? I also want to hang the photo of my late father.

Ramesh Sarma, Noonmati

Ans: The Northeast, East and the North are the best directions to keep the photos of family members. Photos of dead ancestors should be hung at the Southwest, South or West. They are supposed to bless the family members from those directions.

Q. The sun rises from the right hand corner of my house. Can I assume this as the East direction?

Abani Sarma, Nalbari

Ans: This is only a thumb rule. But this is not accurate. Remember that after Makar Sankranti (mid-January), the sun has a northward movement and after Karkat Sankranti moves from the sun. So the direction of sunrise changes. But the geographic east will remain the same. So the help of the magnetic compass must be taken to determine the exact direction. For Vaastu purposes, a 10 degree deviation is more or less allowed but not more than that.

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