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People have this apprehension about West-facing houses that they are not good. If proper Vaastu precaution is taken, they can yield excellent results. The ruler of this direction is Saturn (Shani). As the sun sets in the West, this direction indicates the beginning of darkness and the end of light. A person with his main entrance at West gets very little success despite much effort. Among all the eight directions, the West direction poses some concern and the condition of the person with this entrance is unenviable. People living in this direction may suffer from poverty, failure and lack of interest if the Vaastu is not perfect.

  1. Elevation in the West direction is positive. This enhances the strength and reputation of the male members of family. If the west is low or has a pit or depression, it is very bad for male members.
  2. Location of the bed room of elder son, storage, toilet, dining hall, staircase and septic tank in the West is best.
  3. Placing the garbage bin at an elevation in the West is good. It should not be kept at the back i.e. East or Northeast.
  4. Location of the toilet in the West direction is beneficial.
  5. It is beneficial to have overhead tank at a height in the West.
  6. The main gate should be located at the western northwest or central West. A door in the West towards the West of North West is beneficial.


The Northwest is ruled by the moon. It is also the direction of the Air element. Vayu or wind is the Lord of this direction. The Northwest direction, being ruled by the moon, has a bearing on the mental faculty. Any problem at the Northwest will disturb the residents mentally.

  1. It is harmful if the Northwest is higher than Southwest or Southeast. It is beneficial if the Northwest is higher than Northeast.
  2. It is good to have the garbage bin in the Northwest.
  3. It is beneficial to have a toilet in the Northwest direction.
  4. Location of a water tank at the ground level in the North-West is beneficial.
  5. The outlet of septic tank or waste water can be placed in the Northwest direction.
  6. The north-western entrance facing towards West of Northwest grants prosperity.


The North is ruled by Lord Kubera, the custodian of the wealth. This direction brings reputation besides wealth. The water element belongs to this direction. Problems in the North will therefore result in poverty or loss of wealth.

  1. Slope on the Northern side is advantageous and brings prosperity.
  2. There is financial gain in every respect if more open space is left in the North.
  3. Location of well or underground water tank in the North direction is auspicious.
  4. An entrance facing the North is beneficial.
  5. Entrance in the North facing the Northeast brings extra wealth, able progeny and all benefits.
  6. A verandah in the North will yield abundant prosperity.
  7. Water bodies like well, pond or deep tubewell at the North brings prosperity


Diwali is over and most Hindus have done the Puja of Lakshmi and Ganesha. It is extremely benefical to keep the following five items along with the statues or pictures of Lakshmi and ganesha in the safe or almirah.

  1. Keep your chequebook along with the idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh! If you wish, you can also keep the Sriyantra along side.

  1. Keep the bank passbook along with the Sriyantra with the idols. This will energise the passbook and help increase the balance!!
  2. Goddess Lakshmi likes gold and Silver. Keep gold and silver jewellery and ornaments with Lakshmiji in the safe or Almirah.
  3. Financial documents like shares of stocks, Insurance policies, Fixed Deposit certificates, etc are forms of money on paper. These should be kept along with the statues of Lashmi-Ganesh and the Sriyantra. Their values will soar profitably!
  4. The Black turmeric (kali haldi) is very useful in countering negative energy. Keep a packet of black turmeric with your valuables in the safe or almirah so that they will not attract the evil eye (buri nazar) of others



On many occasions, we start fighting for apparently filmiest of reasons. We cannot control our temper and start shouting at others. Vaastu defects are responsible on many such occasions. Vaastu shastra has given certain tips to control our anger.

Red is a very potent colour and it can stimulate the mind. If there are frequent fights or altercations, use less and less of red on walls and upholstery.

Clutter and dirty places are breeding grounds of negative energy. Keep your house clean and clutter free.

DO NOT keep heavy items at east. Light an oil lamp at east everyday. This will control the mind.

If you get angry from the morning itself, then pray to Lord Surya (Sun). This will help calm you down. The Northwest direction controls the mind. Install a Chandra Yantra at the Northwest to soothe your mind because the moon has lot of effect on the mind.


  1. Our house is a double storied one. Our drawing room is situated just over the car porch at the West which is lower by three feet than the first floor level. I came to know that this is not good. So I am thinking of making a wooden platform to make the floor level same on the first floor as there is enough ceiling height. Will it rectify the Vaastu defect?

Name withheld on request, Via email

Ans: This will not help as because of the lower West, the eastern portion of the house has become higher. Since it is not viable to make the entire western portion with concrete, use a Shani Yantra instead. You can keep heavy furniture, etc in the drawing room at the West.

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