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(Continued from the previous issue)

Lot of people belonging to Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces are asking me about the Vaastu prediction for them for 2020! I have been writing serially about the other Zodiac signs for 2020. Here they are!

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Sagittarius

Those born under the sign Sagittarius will participate in several competitions this year. Based on Vedic Astrology, Sagittarius zodiac sign people will undertake travel to different places and make appropriate decisions with their sharp instincts and intelligence. Generally, Sagittarius people are very cheerful. But they will remain in a philosophical mode this year. Their health will be above average. Problems from blood-related diseases like high BP, low blood count, etc. are indicated. Due to your physical tendency to become obese, you have to exercise regularly. Liver patients must remain alert this year. Control your eating habits and drink plenty of water. This 2020 will be a happy year. Your career will be so-so this year. 2020 is auspicious for Lawyers, Professors, Missionaries and Doctors. You should avoid investing and commencing any new business this year.

Vaastu Tips For Sagittarius

  1. Clean the place where water is stored in the house, and keep a vessel filled with Gangajal.
  2. Keep the statue of Laughing Buddha at the main entrance of the house.
  3. Put up a Happy family or couple picture in the southwest direction of the house.
  4. Check and correct the placement of mirrors throughout the house.

Vaastu Predictions for Capricorn

The year 2020 predictions for Capricorn suggest that those born under this sign will adopt a conventional and religious thinking as well as lifestyle. They will perform every task with efficiency overcoming all fears. They will lead a life of self-discipline this year. Their health index will remain high. Take special care of your digestive abilities this year, as there are chances of injuries in the stomach or intestines. Go for regular dental checkups, and take care of your skin. Your Happiness Index will be around 70% this year. Those, who are unmarried, will find their perfect match this year, and may even get married. You will be able to perform all your duties efficiently. You may attain monetary returns this year and will be fully supported by your partner. Your career will not be very great this year. 2020 is auspicious for doctors, engineers and natives associated with mining and construction.

Vaastu Tips To Follow

  1. Plant a lavender plant in the southeast direction of the house.( Image )
  2. Install a Sphatik (Crystal) Shri Yantra in the house for having a positive vastu at house. (Image)
  3. Hang golden wind chimes in the northwest direction of the house.
  4. Install a Couple Harmonia Aroma Diffuser in the bedroom.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Aquarius

This year, Aquarius people will develop mysterious psychic abilities. They will emerge as a great counselor among the people. They will come up with new and innovative plans with individual freedom and strong will. This year, your health will be above average. You may have to face liver and gall related health problems this year, and feel thirsty all the time. Remain aware of your health and eat well. There are chances of you suffering from viral flu, joint pain or physical weakness. You will be mostly happy this year. This year, you will spend your time doing good for others and looking after their well-being. Be careful of those friends who take unwanted advantage of you. Avoid such friends and meet new people. However, you may lose some old friends. Do not trust anyone blindly, be it anyone closer to you. In 2020, your career graph will move in the positive direction. As a result, this year seems good for Counselors and Writers. Those who are associated with the field of planning and research will have a fantastic year. Medical students and engineers will also have favourable results in the year 2020.

Vaastu Tips For Aquarius:

  1. Place small flower pots in the North or East direction of the house.
  2. Install a pyramid underground in the Southwest direction of the house.
  3. Apply a light purple color in the south eastern part of your house to have a positive Vaastu at house.
  4. Plant blue flowers to attain good health.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Pisces

Those born under the sign Pisces will find themselves surrounded by mood swings and negative thinking this year. You will remain in the philosophical mode by being self-centered. You will remain generous towards others due to your quality of forgiveness. Your faith and devotion in God will give you confidence. Your health needs to be taken care this year. There are signs of mental illness and sufferings this year. You will have problems like loss of appetite.. Avoid consuming any kind of drugs or medicines due to stress. You may suffer from leg pain this year. You will feel a sense of awakening and self-sacrifice within yourself. Pisces natives would like to stay at home and rest. However, they will become much more devoted towards others. You will behave in an introverted way this year. Avoid getting into depression, as it can take you down the road. Your career index will be average this year. This year will be very good for businessmen associated with the field of transport. This year will prove to be creative and promising for writers, painters and astrologers. Musicians will create and produce good music this year and observe new sources of income for themselves.

Vaastu Tips To Follow

  1. Place a picture of laughing children in the west direction of the house.
  2. Plant a Crape Jasmine or Chandni plant in the garden of the house.
  3. Keep Jasmine Aroma Dispenser in the bedroom.
  4. Keep the North direction of the house clean. Put a container full of water there, and change it regularly.


  1. I have taken a shop on rent which is North-facing. There is a Vishnu temple in front. Is it good or bad?

R K Agarwal, Barpeta

Ans: It depends on the distance of the temple from your shop. If it is too near and if the temple is a big one, it is blocking your North and will not yield good results. On the other hand if the distance is more than two and half times of the height of the temple, there will not be any bad effect. The shadow of the temple should not fall on the shop.

  1. Our ancestral house at the village is facing the East. There is a pond at the West which we use for procuring water. As the plot is very large, it cannot be closed. Please suggest remedies.

Atul Gogoi, Titabor

Ans: 1. Separate the pond with a wall up to plinth/ground level. 2. Transfer the ownership of the pond area to another name. 3. Install a Shani Yantra at the West. 4. Bury pyramids to separate the pond.

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