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Vaastu for South-west Houses

Vaastu for South-west Houses

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  15 Jan 2019 6:35 AM GMT

The South-west direction is owned by a demon called Nairuti while the ruling planet is Rahu. The magnetic energies flowing in from the Northeast are stored in this direction and hence it is considered to be the strongest point of a plot. This direction controls health, wealth, confidence, name and fame for its residents. If there is a defect at the South-west, it can bring about major losses, cause depression, anxiety and suicidal feelings and even invite problems at the workplace because of defective Vaastu.

Some important points about South-west plots:

  1. Southwest plots are very stable and people residing in them are gifted with strong leadership qualities. Marriageable girls should not be given a room in this section of the plot as they tend to stay and rule the house.
  2. This direction is ideal for a master bedroom and hence should be occupied by the head of the family. It should not be given to the son of the family or else it would lead to major clashes among the family members as he will dominate over the elders.

What to avoid in the South-west direction:

  1. The entrance of a house should be located in the South-west otherwise it would lead to major mishaps in the life of its inmates besides financial losses.
  2. An underground water tank in the South-west affects the life of its owners, right from personal matters to decisions relating to business and financial deals.
  3. A basement in the South-west should be avoided at all costs as it would create depression and anxiety for the occupants.
  4. The South-west portion of the house should never be left empty. It should be more elevated. It should also be heavier from the rest of the structure.
  5. If there is a kitchen at the South-west, the reputations and fame of the family members of the house are put at stake. If it is already constructed and cannot be avoided, apply light orange colour in the kitchen.
  6. There should be no cracks on the south-western walls of the house as it would cause major health problems for its residents and incurring of added expenditures for the treatment of the same.


  1. The residents become prone to chronic diseases like TB, cancer, arthritis, etc.
  2. Regular quarrels and disturbances among family members become very common.
  3. The name and fame of the head of the family gets tarnished.
  4. Southwest-facing plots inmates tend to make more enemies and are susceptible to adultery.
  5. Cuts in the South-west can pose all the above problems. Pyramids and yantras should be used to counter the evil effects.
  6. Extension of the South-west can cause bad health for the owner, the lady of the house and the first born. It must be corrected.


It is almost compulsory for Hindus to light an oil lamp (Diya) while offering prayers or puja. According to Vaastu, several Vaastu defects can be negated by lighting the oil. Lamps with ghee are the best for this purpose but oil lamps also have the capacity to destroy negative energy. The smoke from the oil lamps kill/repel several insects and destroy bacteria. But there are certain rules of lighting an oil lamp which are ignored by many.

  1. An oil lamp should not be placed on the bare floor. If it has to be kept on the floor, use a leaf or some rice under the oil lamp.
  2. As the South-east is ruled by the fire element, it is best to place the oil lamp at South-east of the puja. If placed at the East, it is beneficial for health. Experts opine that lighting a diya at the North increases wealth.
  3. It is supposed to be very auspicious to light a lamp with ghee near the place of drinking water. It is still a ritual in many places to light a ghee lamp near the well. It dispels negative forces and improves health of residents.
  4. If an oil lamp is lit, it should be to the right hand side while a ghee lamp should be lit towards the left hand side. Be careful so that the lamp does not go off while puja is being done. This is very inauspicious.
  5. Broken or chipped oil lamps should not be used. It should be lit right in front of the deity.
  6. The following mantra should be chanted while lighting a diya.

“शुभं करोतु कल्याणंमारोग्यं सुखसंपदम्।

शत्र्रुबुद्धिविनाशाय च दीपज्योतिर्नमोस्तु ते।।“


Those living in a joint family or with parents have conflicts and conflicts between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is very common. Some simple Vaastu ways, if followed, can stop these fights.

  1. The South-west room of the house should be allotted to the parents. The son and daughter-in-law should reside in a room at the West or South. If the son’s room is at the South-west, there will be rifts.
  2. The kitchen should not be in the middle of the house. This is very bad for relationships. A kitchen at the Northeast will also sour relationships among members.
  3. NEVER paint the kitchen with blue colour as it is the colour of the water element. Blue colour also symbolises poison.
  4. If the eldest of the family cannot be allotted a room at the South-west, he/she should be given a room at the West or South by placing the bed at South-west.
  5. A family photograph should be framed in red colour and hung in individual rooms for harmony.


A sound sleep is a must for everybody. It revitalizes the body and prepares it for the next day. If your sleep is not good, you will feel lethargic and weak the whole day. Feng shui has recommended some ways to get a better sleep.

  1. The bedroom is the place where we spend maximum time in the house. It is apparent that the bedsheets and pillow covers are neat and clean. They should be changed daily if possible so that residual negative energy is not retained in them.
  2. The place under the pillow should be cleaned regularly. Beds with boxes should not be allowed to stagnate energy in the form of piled old clothes or blankets etc. They should be cleaned and as far as possible only towels or light bedsheets should be stored in boxes.
  3. Do not keep electronic equipments and gadgets in the bedroom. They produce electrical signals that hamper sleep. The television or computer produce too much of Yang (potent) energy.
  4. Keep a laughing Buddha in the bedroom preferably at the South. This brings positive energy in the room. The energy of the room is softened which induces a good sleep.
  5. Keep a pyramid under the bed. The positive energy emanating from the pyramids will bring sound sleep.
  6. Use light colours in the bedroom. Dark or deep colours produce yang energy which affects sleep.

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