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Hemanta Kumar Sarmah


The North is ruled by Lord Kubera and this direction is responsible for wealth, happiness and prosperity. To get maximum benefits from the North, one must be aware about its vaastu rules.The following rules should be followed:

1. If a garden can be provided, locate the same towards North.

2. A Basil (Tulsi) plant in the North is very auspicious.

3. Only smaller shrubs and plants should be grown at the North. Do not keep thorny plants except rose.

4. Swings for children can be located here.

5. A water fountain here helps attract wealth.The water should be flowing towards the house.

6. It is very good have an open sitting area in North.

7. Flower pots can be kept here only on the ground.

Items to be Avoided:

1.Avoid big trees at North.

2. Avoid clutter at North.

3. Avoid heavy structures, rock garden, etc. at North.

4. There should be no nails or iron items embedded at North as they will interfere with the positive magnetic forces.


The South is just the opposite of the North. The following Vaastu rules should be followed:

1.Big trees can be planted at the South.But they should not be too close to the house for safety reasons.

2. Heavy structures and rock gardens, etc. are good here.

3. There should be less open space here.

Items to be Avoided:

1.There should be no water body at the South except overhead tanks.

2.There should be no clutter at the South.

3. Swings for children should not be provided at South.

4. Do not keep pets at South.


The East is responsible for good health,spirituality, wealth and education. As the early morning sunlight comes from the East, positive cosmic energies make positive vibrations in the household.

1. A garden in the East is also very good

2. The Tulsi can be planted in the East.

3. Small shrubs and plants in East are alright.

4. Fruit-bearing trees in the East is very good provided they are of smaller varieties.

5. TheEast is another good location for water fountain.

6. An open sitting area here is very good.

7. Placing flower pots in the East is good.

8.Water bodies like ponds, wells or borewells are very good at the East.

Items to be Avoided:

1. Avoid big trees at the East.

2. There should be absolutely no clutter.

3. No rock garden, etc. should be provided at the East.

4. Nothing heavy should be kept at the East.


The West is the opposite of east. It is ruled by Saturn. The following Vaastu rules should be followed at West:

1. Big trees (mango, etc.) can be planted at West. Obviously, they shouldnot be too close to the house.

2. A water fountain on a higher level can be provided here.

3. Heavy statues, rock garden, stone scriptures can be located at the West.

Items to be Avoided:

1. There should be no clutter at the West.

2. Swings should not be provided at West.

3. Pets should not be kept at West. However, they can be kept at Northwest.


The Northeast is the most auspicious direction. It is supposed to be so delicate that it cannot even bear the weight of a feather! It should be always kept lighter, open and low.

What to Follow:

1. A swimming pool here is best.

2. A Basil plant at the Northeast is very auspicious.

3. Flower pots can be kept here on the ground.

4. Water bodies, like underground tanks, wells, borewells or ponds, etc. are excellent at the Northeast.

What to Avoid:

1.There should be no big tree at the Northeast.

2. There should be no thorny plants.

3. There should be absolutely no clutter at the Northeast.

4.No heavy structures should be constructed at Northeast.

5. Toilets, garages, staircases,kitchen,etc are forbidden at the Northeast.


1. Kid's playing area can be provided at the Northwest.

2. Pets and domestic animals like cattle, pigeons etc. can be kept at the Northwest.

3. A water fountain can be placed at the Northwest.

Items to be Avoided:

1. Heavy items should be avoided at the Northwest.

2. Avoid clutter.


1. Flower plants like rose can be planted at the Southeast.

2.Plants which need maximum exposure to the sun can be kept here.

Avoid these Items:

1.There should be no water body at the Southeast.

2. There should be no clutter


1. Tall trees can be grown at the Southwest.

2. It is good to have heavy structures or rock gardens at the Southwest.

3. Make the walls at southwest thicker and higher

Items to be Avoided:

1.Do not leave much vacant space at southwest in comparison to northeast

2. No underground water body should be provided at southwest

3. Avoid clutter


1.Providing a pathway and Jasmine plants on both sides is very good.

2. A Tulsi plant is a must in any garden.

3. If any creepers are desired, keep them in the garden only and never on the walls of the house.

4. Provide a bird feeder or a water bowl for birds.

5. Keep the garden well maintained.

Items to be Avoided:

1. Avoid Bonsai plants.

2. Avoid thorny plants.

3. Do not keep bamboo or gooseberry plants near the house.

4. Remove dead leaves and withered plants.

5.Avoid creepers on the compound wall.

6. DO NOT keep flower pots on the compound wall.

7. Potted plants should not be taller than 3-4 feet.


Q. As the municipal authorities were repairing our lane and widening it, I had to give up a part of my Northeast corner for constructing the drain. It has created a cut of some sorts. What should I do?

Prabin Sarma, Dispur

Ans:This has created a big Vaastu defect indeed. Bury Vaastu pyramids along the cut area. Also install Sriyantra, Guru Yantra and a Ketu yantra at home.

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