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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  4 May 2019 12:37 PM GMT

Computers have become an integral part of any business or office now. Shops also keep a computer to maintain stocks and do accounting. It has become a necessity for students even in the primary level. It is basically an electronic item which is run by electrical power or battery. Most people are not aware how to place the computer in their houses, shops or offices. Wrong placement of computers can spell disaster. The CPU of the computer is designed after the human brain only although not that complex. The Vaastu effect on the computer can be similar to the effects on our brain!

If a computer is installed in the house for the student, then it must be kept in the study room only. The screen of the computer should be placed in such a way so that the student faces East or North while working on the computer.

The Southeast is the ideal direction to keep the computer just like any other electrical item. DO NOT keep it too near the bed of the children because it may emit harmful radiations. Mobile phones are also prohibited for the similar reason near the bed when sleeping. The computer should not be placed touching the wall of a toilet.

The Southeast is also the best place to keep the computer in the office. It should NOT be kept on table having a glass top. While working on the computer, a comfortable chair with a solid back should be used. There are many instances of back pain or spondilytis because of sitting on a wrong chair.

Many offices require a “Server” room which houses a central unit for linking several computers or connecting to the internet via “LAN” (Local Area Network). This should be placed at the Southeast only. The Inverter or UPS should also be kept at the Southern Southeast.


Vastu Shashtra has strong influence over several phases of human life. The study of astrology points out several interesting factors related to Vastu Shashtra and its impact on our routine life. Vaastu shashtra has a great influence over personality development which can be improved by following some rules described by it.

Specific directions lead to unique impact on overall development of human beings; it can add positivity in personality. In fact, development of personality is connected with directions.

As per astrology, Northeast is the common direction for natural moving characteristics as it is ruled by the water element. This direction can help people to add special features to their personality. All directions have different values for human life. We will discuss some of them.

  • The best direction for children’s study room is the Northeast as it helps to improve overall skills .To have overall success and boost knowledge of the children, place the study table in North-east or East facing direction. This will boost knowledge, determination and mental strength.

  • The Northeast direction is related to water element which is symbol of Growth and Progress. This direction should be properly balanced. Since the Northeast direction brings spiritual energy, it gives peace of mind which is very necessary for personality development.

  • The ideal place for Kitchen is in the Southeast direction because it is dominated by the fire element. Fire is energy which speeds up success and progress in our life. When the stove is placed in the Southeast direction then it can enhance opportunities for progress and success for all house residents. But avoid sleeping in Southeast direction because this direction is ruled by the fire element which may cause to stubbornness and aggressiveness.

  • The South West direction is governed by the Earth Element which brings firmness and stability. Stability increases the confidence in decision-making and by this one can improve his personality. Working in this direction facing the North or East induces firmness and confidence in your personality.

    5. The North-West direction is monitored by the Air element and this direction is responsible for boosting leadership quality and the ability to analyze and communication skills. This direction should be balanced otherwise it will create confusion and indecisiveness in the mind.

  • The centre of house or “Brahamasthan” means a place where creator of this world Lord Brahma resides. It is ruled by the space or sky element. According to Vastu Shatra, the Sky element enhances maturity & ability of in-depth studies & analysis of a person which is very necessary for personality development. There should not be any construction or depression in the brahmasthan


  1. I want to convert the ground floor of my house into a boy’s hostel (Paying guest). What are the Vaastu precautions to be taken here?

Ashok Barua, Dibrugarh.

Ans: It is all about balancing the directions with the ruling elements.

  • The bed should be placed in such a manner that the head of the student is in South or East whereas feet towards the North or West side. If the sleeping position is wrong, then it can cause health problems, mental stress or anxiety issues to students. Also, make sure the bed is not in front of the door.

    2. Beams in the room causes unnecessary pressure on the mind of students. Sleeping or studying under the beam causes mental stress and affects vision.

  • If there is a study table in the room, then the right direction for placing it is North or East facing. Avoid the study table near the entrance and also keep some gap between the wall and study table. It should not be placed in front of a window.

  • A room must be well ventilated having natural sunlight. So it is good to construct the windows at the East so that sunlight enters the room which drives away the negativity from the room.

  • There has to be a kitchen for the residents. This must be placed at the Southeast.

  • The toilets should be located at the West or South.


From time to time, wipe off the desk with rock salt and sandalwood oil to clean up the energy.

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