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The wedding season is coming very soon. Everyone wants the wedding to be good, smoothly organized as well as peaceful. It is the duty of the parents of bride and groom to take care of the comfort of all the guests as it is considered that seeking blessings is important before starting on anything new. From the rituals to entertainment of the guests, and their comfort, these are some of the important aspects to be looked into during the wedding ceremony. If Vaastu rules are followed, smooth conduct of the wedding is ensured.

The Mandap or wedding area where the sacred seven vows are taken must be planned well in advance without ignoring the Vaastu rules.

According to Vaastu Shastra, the Northeast or the ishaan kon (corner) is considered very auspicious. The mandap must ideally be in the Northeast direction. It should be planned in such a way that the couple must sit facing East because religious offerings, spiritual oaths and vows are best taken facing the east.


A Square-shaped lagan mandap is considered the best of all shapes. According to Vaastu, each corner of a space generates a certain kind of energy. If that shape is equal from all sides then the overall energy generated is positive and the work carried out there is always fruitful. That is why many corporate houses and organizations keep the shape of their office, specially their marketing offices square. Since the marketing department generates the main revenue of an organization, the shape of the office becomes important.


(Image of Havan)

The place of Havan or the holy fire pit must have equal length, breath and height. It must be ensured that the sacred fire pit is a square. If the Havan Kund or the fire pit is broken or uneven, then that must not be used for puja. The fire pit should be placed at the Southeast corner which is the Agni Kon.


Oval and circular wedding halls must be avoided. Vaastu Shastra says that the shape of wedding hall must either be a square or a rectangle. It must never be a circle or a triangle or any other irregular shape. Nowadays, many marriage hall owners and event managers are introducing lot of changes so as to make the area look very fancy. They are using various themes and destination weddings. They make the bride and groom sit in boats, gondolas, parachutes, buses and even motorcycles on their weddings to make the event look unique. This practice should be avoided.


Entrance of the wedding hall must be in an exalted direction only because it is the main entry of the energy for the event. It should ideally be in East or the North and if possible, you can even plan the entrance in the Northeast. We know by now that an entrance at the Northeast attracts positive and divine vibrations of universe. Western Northeast and Southern Southeast are other permissible entries.


Hindus believe that a girl is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and she brings, along with her, prosperity for the family. When she leaves, she throws back what we call some rice so that the house must remain prosperous even after the girls goes to another house. Therefore the Vidayi area is also very important. It must be in the Southwest corner.

TOILETS AND WASHROOMSToilets generate negative energy. If there is a washroom close to the sacred fire, then it must be closed and a carpet of fresh flowers must be used to cover its door. Washrooms also emit lot of negative energies. While the washing area can be at the Northeast, there should be NO toilets at the Northeast. Positions of toilets must be located at the West and South only.


Fresh and colourful flowers attract good luck, peace and prosperity. The fragrance of fresh flowers bring positive energy and a lease of freshness. A glass or crystal bowl filled with fresh flowers in water is very auspicious near the main entrance. You must have noticed this in many hotels, offices or functions like weddings etc. The tradition of gifting flowers has been there for a very long time. Flowers, with their immense variety and exquisite beauty, can swing the mood of people in the positive direction.

Office is a place where communication and emotions can turn negative and irritated because of work stress, inefficiency, plummeting sales, etc. Our minds are filled with vices like guilt, jealousy, hatred, anger and they take away our true self. The spiritual powers of the flowers can help send subtle vibrations of patience, harmony and peace of mind. Red, white and pink Carnations are useful in this regard.

(Image of carnations)

Birds of Paradise, also known as Crane birds, are natives of South Africa. The flower resembles a brightly colored flower in the posture where it is about to fly. These flowers are a symbol of freedom, of success and of happiness. They are used extensively to attract wealth and success, especially in the field of sales.

(Image of Bird of Paradise)Chrysanthemum is from the Greek work "chrys", which means golden (which is actually its true color or the original colour), and "-anthemion", which means flower. In our Meghalaya, several brightly colored Chrysanthemums grow abundantly. In many traditions Chrysanthemums are used to get rid of addictions and in many others it is a symbol of unity. It is also a symbol of cooperation and mutual respect.

The Daisy is an evergreen flower and has a prostrate fashion of spreading. Daisies are said to bring long lost friends close to each other. Daisy leaves are said to heal the person and is very effective in clearing all negative energy from a person's environment. Daisy leaves are also edible and are even used in salads at times.

(Image of daisies)

The Hyacinth flower blooms in the spring and comes in cream, dark purple, pink and apricot colour. This flower is very effective in Spiritual healing. Hyacinths have this power which help us to stay patient and handle the situation without trying too hard to jump to conclusions too quickly. In Assam, the water Hyacinth or meteka is found abundantly from which certain edible dishes can be prepared besides paper or bags.

(Image of Hyacinth)

Lilies are associated with longevity and commitment Lilies are widely used in weddings and other functions. More and more board meetings take place when Lilies are kept close. Lilies are believed to spread a sense of commitment in the environment.

The Lotus is regarded as a spiritual flower because many Gods and Goddesses sit on them. Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, Vishnu, Ganesha are some of the deities sitting gracefully on a Pink or White Lotus. Most of the spiritual practitioners will always have either the original flower or the image of Lotus. Even the image of Lotus is powerful enough to attract divine energy from the universe. It is also an integral flower in many pujas and rituals.

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