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We spend a fortune in constructing and decorating the house. But all our efforts and expenses may be spoiled if we use inappropriate curtains on doors and windows with wrong placements. Vaastu has considered this aspect to a great extent and strongly advised to use proper colour in proper directions. In fact, certain vaastu remedies are also suggested with proper application of curtains!!

  1. If luck has not been favouring you , then use a white-coloured pair of curtains in a room that is situated in the West corner of the house.
  2. If you have been facing a money crunch at home, then use a blue-coloured pair of curtains in a room that is situated in the North corner of the house.
  3. If there has been a lot of arguments in your family and personal relationships are suffering, then use a pair of red-coloured curtains in a room that is situated in the South corner of the house. This will improve your relationships in due time.
  4. Curtains of blue, saffron or yellow colour can be placed in the living room. The room can also have curtains with darker shades like deep red.
  5. Use green, pink or blue colours for the dining area. Vastu recommends light-coloured curtains for the bedroom. Ideal colours could be lighter shades of green or blue.
  6. White, grey or light blue colours are the best for bathrooms.
  7. Always use two-fold or double layered curtains for your home.
  8. Hanging curtains of blue colour in the north direction as the colour is also believed to absorb negative energies.


The baby's room must be well lit and airy. It is recommended that a baby must be taken outside once a day, immaterial of the weather. In cold areas and apartments where it may not possible to go out, open the windows or doors at least for some time to let the fresh energy in.

The room must be designed in the West side of the house. The bed of the baby must be placed at Southwest.

There must be a night lamp at the Southeast corner of the room. This will make the baby feel secure and improve vision as well. Blue and grey colours are recommended for the room built in the west direction.

If the room is in the south side of your house, select a pink-red-orange colour theme.

Make sure the room is clutter-free with minimum furniture. Needless to say that it must be neat and clean to maintain proper hygiene.

Do not place any furniture in the centre of the room. Toys should be kept in the South, the Southwest or the West direction in the room. Other directions for toys are the Northeast and the Southeast.

The Southwest direction is also ideal for storing clothes.

Hang pictures of the family members on the Northwest wall of the room. This strengthens the family bond and makes the child more family oriented and well cultured.


A verandah should be constructed in the North or East direction, as these directions are a source of constant sunlight. If you want to keep potted plants in the verandah, the Northeast direction is best as there is enough sunlight in this direction which allows plants to grow. On the other hand, the Southwest direction is considered to be ideal for keeping heavy furniture like the sofa etc. According to Vaastu, windows should ideally open into the verandah as it allows natural light and air to flow into your home.

Points to keep in mind:

  1. Do not place heavy furniture in the East and the North direction. It will block the sunlight besides making them heavy.
  2. Do not cut or round the corners of the verandah.


There are three common types of defective staircases.

  1. Staircase at the Northeast.
  2. Steps in anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Even number of steps i.e. 8, 10,12, and so on.


Staircase at the Northeast causes a blockade of energy. Pyramids as well as Yantras should be used. If possible, the house should be extended with a balcony or verandah to extend the Northeast. A heavier structure/room should be constructed at the Southwest.

Steps in the wrong direction create a negative flow of energy. Black Tulsi plants should be kept at the start and end of the stairs. Pyramid strips can also be fitted at the rise of the steps.

If the staircase has even number of steps, an additional step should be created to make them odd numbered.


The surest way of bringing riches into your house is through invocation of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. Chanting the Maha Lakshmi ashtakam every day for 8 times each day can take care of all your problems and invite peace and prosperity to your family. It is a devotional hymn dedicated to Goddess Mahalakshmi. If you have any pending payment or receivable for a long time, try this Ashtakam for 80 day continuously. Those wishing to make more money should recite the Sri Lakshmi Stotram 11 times a day for 40 consecutive days.

The Kubera Asthothram should be chanted thrice a day to overcome all financial problems.

If you are running heavy losses in business, then you should chant the Dhanada Devi kavacham 3 times for 36 days or the Dhanada Devi stotram for 3 times for 32 days.

Chanting the Lakshmi dwadasa nama stotram 12 times for 12 days will get rid of all your problems.


  1. We have an independent house. As we are facing shortage of space in the kitchen to keep things, we are planning to make a store room as the kitchen which again is very small. We have a verandah at the South which can be used for this purpose. Is this a good direction and are there any rules for the store?

Arati Baruah,


Ans: The South is a good direction to have the store, especially adjacent to the kitchen. Vaastu specifies certain norms for storing food materials. Everything cannot be stored in the refrigerator except certain cooked food, fruits, perishable non-veg items and vegetables.

Grains for daily use must be stored in the north-west direction whereas annual provisions can be kept in the south-west direction.

Fruits and vegetables should be placed in the East or the Southeast corner.

Empty containers in the granary room are not considered auspicious. They should be filled up with some edible item or disposed if not in use. Oil, ghee and other liquid items can be stored in the Southeast corner of the room. The Southeast is regarded as the aagneya direction and hence inflammable materials can be kept here.

Choose light colours such as white, blue or yellow for the walls where the food items are kept.

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