Vaastu earmarks positions for different rooms as per the five elements. The location of the bathroom is important just like the position of the bathroom accessories. For bathroom construction, the most appropriate location lies in the eastern portion of the house. But a toilet is not recommended at the East.


The astrological positions of planets play a definite role in a person’s life. Vaastu also does the same thing. Since Vaastu tells us how to live life, our way of dressing and keeping ourselves also play important parts. According to astrology, our shoes can determine a lot of good and bad times!


Mrs Bimala Saikia, Jorhat

Ans: The best direction for constructing the children’s room is the West. Apart from that, West, Northwest, Northeast and Southeast directions can also be used for constructing the children’s room. Avoid the Southwest direction as this is designated for the eldest of the family and allotting this area to children will make them arrogant and domineering.

In a child’s room, the bed can be placed in the Southwest corner. Place the bed in such a way that your child has his/ her head facing the East or South direction, while sleeping.

As part of Vaastu guidelines for children room, it is recommended to avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side of the bed.

If you want to keep furniture items in a children’s room, keep them a few inches away from the wall. Don’t have the furniture attached to the wall, as it obstructs the flow of positive energy.

The study desk should be placed in such a manner that the child faces the East, North or Northeast corner while studying. East is the most appropriate direction, as it paves way for enhanced concentration. A table lamp at the Southeast of the study table is very good.

Avoid placing a television or computer directly opposite the bed. The television set or the computer monitor, when switched off, reflects the bed, just like a mirror, and is a bad omen. Children should not be given a mobile phone, and if you have done so, ask them to switch it off at night and keep it away from the bed.

If you must have a mirror and a television in the bedroom, have them either on the left or the right side of the bed. Keep them covered when not in use.

The door to children’s room should not be exactly opposite to the bed.

Sharp edges and corners should be avoided in children's room. They project energy beams which will make them restless and sick at times.

The centre of the child’s room should always be empty. Do not place anything in there.

The almirahs and cabinets should always be located in the South or West direction of the room. Uplighters, when placed in the southeast corner of children’s room, help promote health and generate positive energy.

Sharp lights as well as spot lights should never ever be used in kids' room, as they tend to create mental strain.

The doors as well as windows of children's room are best in the East or North. Centralwest or South are also good. The windows should be opposite to the door.

Green color proves the best for kids' room, as it is associated with freshness and peace and increases brain power as well. A light green table cloth also helps a lot.

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