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There is a connection between astrology and Vaastu because all the directions and locations are controlled by various planets and stars. The positions of these planets keep on changing and hence their effects on individuals also keep on changing with time. We will discuss today the results of the effects of planets on the Vaastu aspects on individuals for the year 2020.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Aries:

The zodiac sign Aries will have a good year in 2020. As per the Vastu Predictions 2020 for Aries zodiac sign, their ambitions will be fulfilled. They will succeed in making big plans and accomplishing them too. But they will be facing controversies as people will try and get them involved in disputes, which can disturb the flow but it the end it will not matter much. They will accomplish victory in everything they do. But too much of aggressiveness should not be exercised. 2020 will be auspicious in terms of health. Your health index will be at 80%. The Aries people will suffer from minor headache due to excessive workload. They should take care of their eating habits and do not exceed the ideal body weight. They may also suffer from minor digestion problems. They will remain self-centered this year and feel energised. Other people may express their jealousy and arrogance towards the Aries natives, as they might think of themselves as the best. They will be happy during most of the time in 2020. Your career index will be at 90% this year. This year will bring success for natives associated with baking or who owns a bakery. The year 2020 will prove to be auspicious for those who want to step into politics. Those who work as a Fashion Designer will see a rise in their salary. Also, this year will bring success for sportsmen. Overall, this year will be auspicious for the Aries people.

Vaastu Tips for 2020

If your house is facing south, then one of the Vaastu tips would be to plant a Hawthorn plant.

  1. Bury a black-coloured pyramid underground in the south direction of the house.
  2. Plant a Peepal tree in a public place.
  3. Put flowering plants in the north direction of the house.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Taurus:

The cusps of Taurus zodiac sign will act and take decisions wisely this year. They may feel dissatisfied due to their conventional thinking. Natives who are into beauty will make an artistic change in their life. They will be successful in maintaining a good reputation in the society as a skilled speaker because of their great oratory skills. The health index of Taurus natives will remain high this year, and they will lead a healthy life. However, they have to protect themselves from minor health problems like constipation and waterborne diseases. They must exercise regularly in order to avoid obesity and eat a healthy diet to maintain their fitness. Taureans will remain overall happy in 2020. They will get the support of from friends. Their relationship between their friends and relatives will increase due to their quality of sacrificing for the happiness of others. Taureans who are fond of beauty may have to face the envy of people.. The career for them will be slightly better than average. 2020 will be auspicious for those involved in the automobile business. Those associated with the business of jewelry and gemstone will see a positive growth. Also, time will be favourable for those into the business of furniture and electronics. Overall, 2020 will bring mixed results for the Taurus natives.

Vaastu Tips To Follow:

  1. Hang a crystal ball in the west direction of the house.
  2. Place a silver pyramid chip in your pocket.
  3. A person suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia should plant a Crape Jasmine or Chandni plant in the garden of their house.
  4. Place a heavy object in the south-west direction of your house to have a favourable vaastu for home.
  5. Install a Vaastu Dosha Nivaran Yantra

Vaastu Predictions for Gemini in 2020:

The year 2020 will be challenging for the Gemini people. But they will find a solution to every problem by analysing and going deep into the root of the problem. Avoid being over-sensitive from time to time. Gemini natives will use their power of negotiation and speech to solve the problem. They will have to take care of their health in 2020, as their health prediction is not very good. Asthma patients should remain alert this year. Natives who are physically slim might suffer from a hand injury due to their agility. Your health may decline due to diseases such as bronchitis and eosinophilia. But they will remain happy overall in 2020. They must remain alert regarding unfaithfulness and infidelity in their love relationship. Geminis, who are an expert in reading other's minds, will be able to connect with their beloved. Vaastu Predictions 2020 suggest that you will remain devoted to your spouse. Their career will touch the highest point this year. In 2020, Gemini natives who are associated with the Tourism sector will succeed by planning new schemes. There are chances of earning profits in the Stock Market too. Those in the field of photography or guide, there may be a lack of opportunities this year.

Vaastu Tips For 2020:

  1. Install a Ketu Pyramid or Yantra at home.
  2. Remove any image or statue made of ivory from the house as soon as possible.
  3. Install a wind chime with five-six suspension tubes in the west direction of the house to have a beneficial vastu for home.
  4. Clean the whole house with Divine powder at least once a week, and possibly on Saturday.

Vaastu Predictions for Cancer in 2020:

The cusps of Cancer will live a life of loneliness this year. But they will accomplish every task with concentration and logic. They will enjoy high standards of living according to your views. Health of Cancerians will be above average this year. Asthma patients must remain health-conscious and alert. Any native with a weak body may suffer from a sparse hair problem such as hair loss etc. Also, you may catch a cough, cold or flu. Cancerians will remain reasonably happy in 2020. But as per Vaastu Predictions 2020, they will suffer from major mood swings. Avoid being overly emotional. You will gain the support of your good friends. Do not misunderstand anything throughout this year. The career of the Cancer will be upbeat this year. There are chances of profit if you are thinking of investing in the stock market. Those who deal with electronic items will see auspicious results this year. 2020 will be auspicious for the Cancerians associated with astrology and healing foods. Income of this horoscope associated with the water transport sector will increase.

Vaastu Tips For 2020:

  1. Place a vessel filled with Gangajal in the Northeast direction of the house.
  2. Put a picture of Sun or Surya Yantra in the east direction of the house.
  3. Place a picture of a running horse in the house.
  4. Bury a copper pyramid underground in the east direction of the house.
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