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(Continued from the Last Issue)

We have discussed the predictions for the new year i.e. 2020 for Aries, Taurus, Gemeni and Cancer. We will discuss today the Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpion.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Leo

In the year 2020, those born under the sign Leo will move forward with an optimistic point of view. As Leos are very stubborn by nature, they will not like to follow other people's advice. They will keep themselves happy by expressing their love to the fullest. The health index of Leo zodiac signs will remain the highest this year. However, they may suffer from minor acidity, high BP, and joint pain. Next, the happiness index of Leo natives will remain at 90%. Leo cusps will attain love to the fullest in 2020, support their friends wholeheartedly and behave with generosity. The career of Leo zodiac sign will be on a high note this year. There are chances of attaining ancestral property. On the brighter side, they will attain profit in capital investment. This year will be beneficial for those involved in the share market.This year is auspicious for those associated with the entertainment industry. This year will also be auspicious for those associated with medicine and chemical sector.

Vaastu Tips For Leo

  1. Plant a Kadamba tree in a public place.
  2. Place a brass-made pyramid in the northeast direction of the house.
  3. Plant green seedlings and flowers in the eastern part of the house.
  4. Apply a tilak made of Haldi-Kesar (Turmeric-Saffron) before leaving the house.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Virgo

As per Vaastu Predictions 2020, those born under the sign Virgo are required to remain alert while following the instructions. Even though they like to live your life by yourself, they will show some social qualities and try to mingle with each other. Throughout this year,they will be able to execute all your tasks efficiently with a proper plan. Their health will remain above average this year. This year, they may will feel pain in arms and shoulders due to chronic fatigue. Also, you may suffer from phlegm and lung diseases due to excessive stress. Some natives may suffer from Colitis, an inflammatory disease in the colon. Your behaviour and nature will remain soft and delicate. Avoid elusive people. This year is not so good for old-aged or elderly people born under Leo. Your child may cause you trouble during this course of time. The career graph of Leos will be just above average this year. This year will be auspicious for the company planners. Income will increase for those connected with the field of agriculture. They will meet new and interesting people and establish prolific public relations.

Vaastu Tips For Virgo

  1. Install a Lord Ganesh's picture or idol in the north direction of the house.
  2. Plant a banana tree in the northeast direction of the house.
  3. Place a crystal plant in the northern direction of the house.
  4. Go for regular dental checkups.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Libra

Librans are known to delay their decision making and this year will see this several times. They give lot of importance to the present. Librans perform better as a team. Health will be above average. They can suffer from any hormonal disease or cough this year. Also, there are chances of suffering from air-borne disorders and gastric related diseases. They will spend quality time in solitude and maintain a hygienic way of living during most of the year. They will have memorable and happy moments with friends. Their career will be just average. This year is auspicious for painters, cartoonist designers and the natives related to the field of photography. Those associated with the field of public welfare will get the support of the masses. For the natives associated with the field of medicine, the year brings favourable results in terms of income.

Vaastu Tips For Libra

  1. Plant a bamboo plant in the southeast direction of the house.
  2. It will be extremely beneficial to keep an iron-made pyramid in the south direction of the house.
  3. Put a red bulb in the south direction of the house to enhance the fire element for home.
  4. Hang a picture of mountains in the south direction of the house for support.

Vaastu 2020 Predictions for Scorpio

The confidence of those born under the sign Scorpion will be brimming this year. Their mental strength will develop and become stronger. Proficiency in various fields will be obtained and imagination power and courage will increase. The health of the scorpion people will be reasonably good this year. However, they may be a victim of insomnia due to unlimited energy stored within them. Protect yourself from contracting diseases such as Hernia and Appendix. You may suffer from problems like Hysteria on frequent occasions. Your Happiness Index will be 60% this year. People will be attracted towards you due to your strong personality and influential approach. Do not get influenced by emotions. You will make and break several friendships. Separation from family is possible, which is why you are advised to remain alert and deal with controversial matters patiently. This year will not bring very good news for enhancing the career. They may encounter dual sources of income. This year is auspicious for doctors, surgeons, and dentists. People associated with the tannery industry may witness a decrease in their income.

Vaastu Tips For Scorpion

  1. Remove any old junk from the home.
  2. Keep a fish aquarium in the northeast direction of the house.
  3. Install Navagraha Harmony 3D Device at the Brahmasthan (or where the temple is placed) of the house.
  4. Keep the north direction of the house illuminated.


  1. My house is almost nearing its completion and we plan to move there in the Indian New year i.e. Baisakh. It is a two storied-house which has 18 doors and 21 windows. Someone told me that this number is not good. Please advise if it is so.

Kamala Bezbaruah, Jorhat

Ans: The number of door and windows should be even like 8, 12, 14, 16, and so on. Avoid numbers like 10, 20, 30, etc. You can increase/reduce the number of windows or join a few adjacent ones to bring the total to an even number not ending in 0.

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