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What Is Your Parenting Style?

What Is Your Parenting Style?

Sentinel Digital Desk

Neetu Sarawgi

In today's era, there is a race for parenting perfection. Parents are so inundated with this ideal of perfection that they are mostly left facing under-qualified and insecure in their decisions. And this is primarily because parenting styles affects everything – from how children feel about themselves, your own relationship with the child, the type of friends they make to even how much they weigh. Foremost is your parenting style, which supports the child to grow into a healthy human being – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Let's discuss about some parenting approaches to determine the different ways parents guide, socialize and control their children. Of course, no parent fits into one of these styles all the time but they can typically have one primary style.

The Permissive Parent: The lenient and casual approach parents fit into this category. Also known as oblivious parents, they indulge, support and listen to their kids, which is great, but very often, they find it hard to reprimand them. These cool parents don't offer much in the way to advise or guide their kids. This sometimes results in kids lacking self-control and they have low academic achievement.

The Prince-Princess Parent: Every parent treasure their child the most .In their eyes, they are the most special among the lot. Though all children are special for who they are but the "prince-princess" parent think that child is a special snowflake. For them their children are exceptional children for whom there is no rules or policies which stands. These parents are not confident to withstand rejection, disappointment and failure of their ward without crumpling.

The Helicopter Parent: An important facet of parenting should be to nurture a child who is capable of taking on adult tasks. But a helicopter parent is a hurdle to the well balanced growth of a child. The helicopter parents refer to a style of parents who hover around their children, over-focused and over-possessive. They take all the responsibilities of their children's experiences in a way that is over-controlling and over-involving. These types of parents have fear of anxiety, of dire consequences and peer pressure. The result of being 'Over Them' leads to decreased confidence and self- esteem in children, making them unable to cope up with failures. It also leads to poor development of life-skills.

The Extracurricular Parent: Ambitious parents who want their child to excel in multiple areas are the so-called extracurricular parents. These mom and dads put their child into lot of afterschool programs – relating to sports, music, art, dance, literary skills – to enhance their over-all personality and character. This parenting style provides a ton of benefits too. Their children score better grades and perform smartly and well. They improve in social and emotional skills. But a well- balanced routine should be there for the child so that it does not accumulate stress.

The Drill-Sergeant Parent: Are you the one who expect obedience at all times, excellence in every situation and a child who never talks back? Are you a parent who have clearly defined do's and dont's? In the process of teaching the child wrong and right do you believe that one has to be strict and lead by principles all the time? Then you are the Tiger, Bossy or Authoritarian parent. This parenting type breeds children into low-esteem, socially isolated and unfriendly adults. Be aware!

The MIA [MISSING IN ACTION] or Neglectful Parent: It is very essential for parents to be connected with their kid's daily life activities by attending their sports day event, parents-teachers meeting, annual day, award ceremonies, etc. You might be busy or have other important priorities but your involvement and support by attending their important days of his/her life raises their morale.

The Bulldozer or Lawnmower Parent: This term follows in the wake of helicopter parents. A parent who tries hard to remove all difficulties and obstacles out of the child's life is a bulldozer parent. Ultimately the child grows up lacking problem solving ability. Whenever an issue springs on them, these kids don't know what to do as their parents always solved all the problems for them.

The Free–range Parents: This parenting style aims at instilling independence and self–reliance. They believe in trusting their child and let them be free. They equip them with skills, and then back off. It leads to happier and self –sufficient adults.

The Lighthouse Parent: One of the most balanced parent who prepare the children to look into the water and ride the waves. They find the perfect balance of love, protection and communication in bringing up the child.

Parents, just remember that your nurturing leaves an imprint on your children which can be positive, negative or neutral or the combination of all of the above. But do give a conscious thought as to which footprint you want to leave on your children!

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