CIL’s supplies to power sector up 7.1% in April-Feb

CIL’s supplies to power sector up 7.1% in April-Feb

Kolkata: The Coal India Limited (CIL) said here on Saturday its supplies to the power sector grew by 7.1 per cent to 440.8 million tonnes (mt) in April-February of the current financial year. “The total coal off-take to the power sector during April-February was at 440.8 mt against 411.5 mt in the year ago period, registering a growth of 7.1%. The increase in coal off-take to the thermal power stations during the period was 29.3 mt,” a Coal India official said.

During the current fiscal, the company on an average loaded 206.2 rakes a day to the power sector against 198.7 rakes a day in the year ago period, clocking a growth of 3.8 per cent. During the 11 months of FY19, the miner achieved 99 per cent and 99.5 per cent of the respective targets in coal production and coal off-take, surging ahead by 32.62 mt volume increase in production and 23.45 mt rise in off-take against the same period last year.

CIL’s MoU target was 610 mt for both production and off-take for FY19. The miner produced 527.70 mt of coal in 11 months of FY19 against 495.08 mt in the same period last year, clocking 6.6 per cent growth with an increase of 32.62 mt in absolute terms. Coal off-take during the same period stood at 548.48 mt, clocking 4.5 per cent year-on-year growth.

CIL achieved 58.05 mt production in February, which is the highest for this particular month so far. Coal stock at pit heads stood at 34.76 mt at the end of February, which at the beginning of the current fiscal was 55.55 mt. The company liquidated 20.79 mt of its pit head coal stock during the 11 months of FY19. (IANS)

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