Rs 262 Crore Cyber-Tax Fraud Unearthed

Rs 262 Crore Cyber-Tax Fraud Unearthed

New Delhi: The Delhi government’s Trade and Taxes Department has unearthed a cyber-tax fraud totalling Rs 262 crore, happening since 2013 with over 8,700 traders involved, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the media, Sisodia said 8,758 traders were part of the fraud where they cracked the IDs and passwords of both the banks and the government and showed that they had paid the taxes without actually doing so. “The taxes are submitted to the government though 27 banks and the IDs of 13 banks were cracked for the fraud of at least Rs 262 crore.

“This information is based on preliminary scrutiny,” Sisodia said. According to a note issued by Delhi’s VAT/GST Commissioner H. Rajesh Prasad, “some of the payments claimed to have been made via banking channels have not been actually received in the government exchequer”. (IANS)

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