Ronuwa Wins Best Feature In Assamese, Jonaki Porua Receives Special Mention at National Film Awards

The 67th National Film Awards held in Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi, presented multiple awards to the entertainment industry. Ronua wins Best feature in Assamese.
Ronuwa Wins Best Feature In Assamese, Jonaki Porua Receives Special Mention at National Film Awards

New Delhi: Several celebrities' across the country attended the 67th National Film Awards in Vigyan Bhawan today at New Delhi. Assamese feature film 'Ronua- who never surrenders' bagged the award in the particular category, following 'Jonaki Porua' receiving Special Mention Award. 

The winning movie was directed by famous blockbuster movie director Chanra Mudoi. Some of his blockbuster movie are, Suren Suror Putek, Junda Iman Gunda, Soi Gaaor Chompa, and others. 

Another movie Jonaki Porua, directed by Prakash Deka received Special Mention. The movie is about a village trans woman, who comes in terms with her identity and the challenges with it. 

Within its bounds and restrictions, the activity of filmmaking in Assam is a regional establishment that is structured and systematized. Because Assam's box office isn't as huge as the country's other regional film industries, investors prefer to avoid creating pictures that don't appeal to a wide audience. The majority of films released in theatres faithfully adhere to the established mainstream formula and are more concerned with generating money than with experimenting with the parameters of filmmaking. 

The release of an Assamese musician turned actor Zubeen Garg's 'Mission China,' which he directed and produced, adds a fresh feather to the industry's crown on September 8, 2017. The film is hailed as one of the biggest hits of the Assamese film industry, with melodic music, dancing sequences, and picturesque locales. It was also released in major metropolitan centers across the country. 

Assam Director Rima Das brought glory to the North Eastern State when her featured movie Village Rockstar captured international audience. The film's topic specifically brings attention to gender equality and gently makes a comment on women's empowerment, as well as examining the value of a mother and how, unlike charity, equality begins at home. The mother not only has an unrestrained attitude toward her daughter, but she also defends her desire to form a rock band by acquiring a guitar and granting her desire to climb trees with males.

The Director was one of the many known celebrities to be invited in the Canes film festival.

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