Human Pulse Rate: What is The Normal Pulse Rate for Adults?

Pulse rate is the measurement of the heart rate of a human being: Find out the range of normal pulse rate according to different age group
Human Pulse Rate: What is The Normal Pulse Rate for Adults?

Pulse rate means heart rate or number of times heartbeats in the time period of one minute. The pulse rate of everyone is different in various situations. The heart sends blood within the arteries and the arteries get expanded after which contract with the blood flow inside the body. Checking pulse rate can find out the strength of pulse and heart rhythm as well.

Normally pulse rate increases when a person works hard physically or does exercise because while doing the exercise the body needs a higher quantity of oxygen-rich blood. Otherwise, when the body remains at rest the pulse rate remains at ease and normal.

Getting the knowledge of your heart rate can help you in the evaluation process of your exercise programs. Keeping e good record of the pulse rate regularly can help you and your doctor to have an idea about better treatment. The pulse rate often keeps changing according to situations and activities that the body dealt with and even with changes in the mental state. Pulse rate often gets affected by senses because it changes with emotions, sickness and injuries.

The best timing to find out accurate pulse rate is often suggested as the morning time just after waking up before eating anything or getting into movement.


Adults with age or 18 or above may face a lot of changes with their pulse rate as their life is surrounded by various mental and physical activities. The normal pulse rate for a healthy adult is said to be ranging from 60 to 100 beats per minute which would vary.


Generally, females with the age of 12 and older than 12 mostly has faster pulse rates than males. The pulse rate of children with 6-15 ages seems to be higher than adults as children often fail to control emotions. The normal pulse rate for children is 70 to 100 beats per minute. Runners and other athletes face no issues with heart rate as they may have a pulse rate close to 40 beats per minute.

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