Vienna: Lost Gustav Klimt Masterpiece, "Portrait of Fraulein Lieser," Rediscovered After 100 Years in Austria

Im Kinsky Auction House to Showcase Rare Work in Special Auction Following Worldwide Tour
Vienna: Lost Gustav Klimt Masterpiece, "Portrait of Fraulein Lieser," Rediscovered After 100 Years in Austria

VIENNA: In a stunning revelation that has captivated the art world, a long-lost painting by renowned Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, titled "Portrait of Fraulein Lieser," has been rediscovered in Vienna after disappearing from public view for almost a century. The masterpiece, last seen publicly in 1925, is set to be auctioned by Vienna's Auction House im Kinsky on April 24, 2024, with an estimated value exceeding an astonishing $54 million.

Originally from a Jewish family in Austria, this item disappeared from public records, adding an air of mystery to its location. However, in the 1960s, the painting reappeared under the ownership of the current owner family.

The Im Kinski Auction House carefully assessed the value of the painting, and recognized it as an important event in the art world, bringing the rare masterpiece back into the public eye Gustav Klimt, a leading figure of Viennese Art Nouveau and a symbol of Austrian modernism, is known for his turn-of-the-century portraits of prosperous middle-class women The artist’s work, in particular, commands recognition in the world all and holds a high position in the international art market.

Paintings of this rarity, artistic importance and high value are rarely found, especially in Central Europe, and their discovery has created a visible buzz in the art community On April 24, 2024, im Kinsky Auction House will begin a world tour before a Fraulein Lieser painting goes under the hammer.

The painting is scheduled to be released in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain and Hong Kong, leaving art enthusiasts and collectors around the world in awe of this long-lost work of art.

Following its international tour, the painting will return to Vienna for a highly anticipated auction. The program is run by the current owners, Austrian private citizens, together with the legal heirs of Adolf and Henriette Leiser, to the principles outlined in the Washington Principles of 1998. This remarkable rediscovery promises to be an important occasion, not only for the auction house but for nearly a century For art lovers eager to see Gustav Klimt’s masterpieces return to the public eye upon discovery.

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