Some innovative nail art designs and patterns

Nail art designs and patterns are quite trending and in style all over the world. Read to find out about some innovative nail art designs for stylish hand.
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Representational image

If you have long nails, then it is quite important to maintain them. Beautiful nails make your hands look extra attractive. You can make your nail looks attractive and wonderful by applying a little polish and a bit of your creative art. This article is going it help you with some idea of what kind of designs you can do on your nail to make them stylish and appealing.

Here are some innovative nail designs and patterns for attractive hands:

Two-toned nail art:

This seems quite simple and easy, right? You can do it all on your own at home. All you need is just two shades of nail paints and tape to make a separation.

two-toned nail art

Marbled effect:

this nail pattern is a bit tricky but as they say, "practice makes a man perfect". You just need a little bit of practice and patience to get this marvelous nail design.

marbeled effect

Polka dots:

the fashion for polka dots will never ever fade; it looks classic whether on nails, dress, or anywhere.

Polka dot

French manicure:

Frech manicure is the best and safest design if you want to play with your nails. For this design, contrasting colors will be more suitable.

French manicure

Matte manicure:

Matte is ruling the world nowadays. Girls are big fans of matte colors and love matte in almost everything. This type of design is more suitable for glossy nails.

matte manicure

Floral stamped:

Floral goes well in every season. Just add some floral touch to your nails with these floral designs.


Sunset effect:

Sunsets are beautiful, isn't it? So why not create it on your nails by mix-matching with orange, red and yellow?

Sunset effect

Splatter nails:

Show off your innovative talents with these splatter designs. It looks trendy and stylish.

Splatter effect

Cherry nails:

these designs will really go well with your summer outfits. It looks really cute and appealing.

Cherry nail design

Leopard print: 

leopard print looks well and bold when you wear it. wanting for a dive look, then undoubtedly go for leopard prints to make it look bold and beautiful.

Leopard print

Boho art:

Boho designs will make anyone fall head over heels with their interesting pattern with a mix of colors. It is going to look quite trendy and interesting with several geometric designs.

Boho pattern

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