New Delhi: Fatal Shooting at a Salon; Two Victims Gunned Down in Najafgarh

Sonu shot once in head; Ashish received three head and one chest wound
CCTV footage
CCTV footageX

NEW DELHI: In a grim turn of events, two individuals were fatally shot within the confines of a salon situated in the heart of Southwest Delhi’s Najafgarh on Friday evening, police reports said.

The victims were identified as Sonu and Ashish, both in their 30s, were allegedly shot multiple times while in the presence of fellow customers and salon staff. The entire incident was recorded in the CCTV camera.

A purported CCTV recording of the event emerged on social media, capturing one of the victims pleading with the assailants. Tragically, he was shot in the head at point-blank range.

According to police reports, Sonu sustained a single gunshot wound to the head, whereas Ashish suffered three bullet wounds to his head and one to his chest.

The two assailants fled the scene following the attack.

Police suspect that the case may stem from personal enmity but have not dismissed the possibility of it being related to gang warfare.

Meanwhile, the Delhi Police have formed three teams to identify and apprehend the suspects. They have also revealed that Sonu and Ashish were residents of Nagli Sakrawati in the Najafgarh area.

The police reported that Sonu sustained a gunshot wound to his head, while Ashish suffered three gunshot wounds to his head and one to his chest.

According to reports, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) stated that neither of them was employed at the salon. Sonu derived his income from rental properties. Additionally, police disclosed that Ashish had two prior criminal cases against him.


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