Guwahati : Decline in Migratory Bird Population Sparks Concern at Deepor Beel Winter Birding Festival 2024

Habitat Loss and Human Activity Blamed for a 16,000 Decrease in Visiting Birds
Guwahati : Decline in Migratory Bird Population Sparks Concern at Deepor Beel Winter Birding Festival 2024

GUWAHATI: The Deepor Beel Winter Birding Festival (WBF) 2024 organized by 7WEAVES Research has revealed alarming statistics showing a sharp decline in migratory birds in the esteemed Deepor Beel wetlands. It revealed a stark contrast from the previous year's numbers, recording only 11,000 birds representing 155 species, down from 28,000 birds spanning 161 species.

The findings of the concerned authorities rightly highlight the need to protect Deepor Beel as a designated bird sanctuary to conserve biodiversity and maintain ecosystem health.Notably, WBF 2024 identified a number of areas a birds migrate outside the protected area, highlighting areas such as Dharapur, Jalukbari and Boragaon. However, challenges arose in some communities reached, such as Boragaon, Pamohi and Jalukbari due to high water levels during the survey period.

The Deepor Beel Winter Birding Festival which is an annual event organized by 7WEAVES Research, is a platform to celebrate the diverse flock of winter migratory birds that migrate to the wetlands and aims to raise awareness of importance needing to understand and live in harmony with the distant birds in a celebratory mood. Moreover, it contributes to the causes of sustainable development and environmental protection, and gives everyone the responsibility of ensuring the protection of these bird sanctuaries. While the managers of these bird sanctuaries are wildlife enthusiasts are grappling with worrying declines in bird populations, it calls for immediate action to reduce habitat loss and human encroachment fires which is causing a harm to the ecological environment in the region. It events the flora and fauna and also posing a threat to the wildlife that needs to be protected. The authorities are making joined efforts to culminate this in future. WBF 2024 not only mirrors the current state of the Deepor Beel but also serves as a call for concerted efforts to conserve our natural heritage.

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